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greenhouse weed seeds

Gorilla Glue was bred explicitly for maximum THC content, and the flavour of Gorilla Glue can be a bit bland compared to other strains. The high is very gentle – an initial euphoric rush leading into several hours of mild relaxation.

Blue Dream Auto is a hybrid with a lemony and wood-smoke aroma and a taste with hints of citronella, cedar, woodland berries and Haze. The result is a long-lasting, powerful high that provides clarity and promotes conversation and socialization. For Haze enthusiasts and connoisseurs.


There is a little something about this variety that makes it sell very well in the Netherlands. Perhaps it’s that lovely pine aroma? It might be the sensual yet cerebral high, which finds a smart balance between the Sativa and Indica elements of this strain. The high results from the powerful psychedelic impact of its 19% or more THC.

Growing your cannabis in the safety of a greenhouse is an effective way of preventing or reducing all these adverse situations. Using a greenhouse provides a controlled environment which your weed plants love. Moreover, after the initial set up costs, a greenhouse is an extremely economical and environmentally friendly way of maximizing the natural resources of light and heat.

While Super Silver Haze might be more forgiving than other Sativas, you need to keep an eye on its nutrition and environment, which makes it ideal for growing in a greenhouse. This strain enjoys warmth and humidity, so be sure the temperature of your greenhouse is a constant between 70-80ºF (21-27ºC). Cultivators in the Northern Hemisphere can expect to harvest in mid-October.

Firstly, it is important to determine whether you want to grow Cannabis plants indoors or outdoors. This has no big influence on the growth itself, because most Cannabis plants can grow both indoors and outdoors. The difference is in their typical features. Some characteristics will be stronger if the plant grows indoors. Some characteristics will stand out more if the plant grows outdoors.

Green House Seeds is located at the internationally well-known location: The Wallen. Arjan, the owner and founder of the company, is internationally acclaimed as ‘’The Cannabis King’’. He owes his name to the record of Cannabis awards he received during his career. He has received a large number of prizes including the following cups: the High Times Cannabis Cups (40x), Highlife Cups (17x) and many more private cups in different countries. Green House Seeds is unique, because their products contain exceptional medicinal and recreational characteristics. Besides this, they contain specific terpene profiles which provide unique aromas and flavors. Some excellent reasons for us to offer our buyers a wide range of Green House Seeds.

Growing outdoor and indoor

Do you own a large piece of land and would you like to grow Cannabis plants outside? In case you do, it is good to know that Green House also offers seeds for outdoor growth. Green House’s highest recommended outdoor seed is Himalaya Gold. It is recommended so often due to its genetic resistance against cold nights, heights, pests and diseases. Growers that live in mountain areas (Italy and Spain) like this strain because of the growth and fine strong Indica characteristics. Another beloved strain is Arjans’ Haze 1. It ensures excellent production and has got a unique Sativa height.

Do you prefer cannabis seeds that are not genetically modified or fungicidally treated? If so, then Green House Seeds is the right brand for you! Green House Seeds is one of the leading Cannabis companies worldwide. They call Amsterdam ‘’their home’’. Green House seeds are very popular and have received multiple awards. At Amsterdam Seed Center, we are proud to offer you a large selection of Green House Seeds.

Arjan, owner of Green House, has always had his own vision. He wanted to normalize Cannabis use for both medicinal and recreational use worldwide. At Amsterdam Seed Center you can obtain a rather large number of medicinal seeds, including the following strains:

Arjan started collecting genetics and landraces from all over the world 25 years ago, and the hunt is still on! (

Arjan, owner and founder, has been acclaimed The King of Cannabis for his amazing record of cannabis prizes won throughout his carreer. He has always been committed to create the best genetics in the world, and to ensure that the growers choose the best genetics, based upon their location, logistics and personal knowledge.

Green House Seed Company genetics are the result of years of intensive breeding. All strains have exceptional medicinal as well as recreational properties, as well as particular terpene profiles guaranteeing unique aromas and flavors.

The Green House Seed Company is the most successful cannabis business in the world.

The first and most important distinction to be made is the choice between growing outdoor or indoor. Once the decision is made, it is important to get the right type of seeds for the purpose. Most cannabis plants can be grown indoor or outdoor, but the peculiar characteristics of each strain always guarantee best results in one of the two ways. The personal or commercial nature of the operation will always influence the choice of the genetics. Sativas are usually regarded as higher quality, while indica strains are faster and more commercial.