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g13 weed seeds

The origins of G13 Labs dates back to the late 1980’s and Northern England, where an original agent set up an underground collective. It was when this agent found himself in Amsterdam that G13 Labs was officially born. Connections were formed with other experienced agents in the Dutch capital and soon after, a new seedbank was formed.

Perhaps the most famous strain in their collection is Pineapple Express, which has outsold every other strain the seedbank has ever created.

Since then, G13 Labs have transformed into a globally renowned company. Known for their impressive yielding, fast flowering strains, with unbelievable tastes and aromas, G13 popularity is increasing year on year.

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G13 Labs have a select number of experienced Agents from across the world that have a highly proven track record and that have already established their own cannabis seeds strains.

The original Agent set up an underground collective which made their way to Amsterdam and formed connections with various other highly experienced Agents.

G13 Labs history stretches back into the late 1980’s in the north of the United Kingdom.

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The flavor of G13 is very familiar to many smokers. The woody, pine like flavor completely dominates the taste buds until exhalation when smokers detect traces of sour fruit and hints of mint.

An outdoor superstar is what Auto G13 is as it grows exceptionally well in nearly every environment. It is also tolerant of heat and cooler temperatures, wind and other conditions mother nature may throw at it. Southern cultivators can take advantage of that natural durability and plant it outdoors almost immediately after the first frost for a harvest in May then plant again for an October harvest. Northern climates may only see one outdoor harvest per year, but that harvest can be huge with proper care of the plant. The lateral branches produce quite a bit of flower so trimming them to guarantee light exposure is a good idea. Good quality soil, Ph balanced water and organic fertilizer will give your plants all they need to thrive. Harvest in early to mid October with a yield in excess of one hundred grams per square meter of plants.

G13 Fem brings it back full circle to the mother of our topic strain. This non-auto version of the strain does require a seasonal shift in lighting to flower, but it is a massive producer. In ideal conditions, well cared for plants can yield as much as two and a half pounds. Super relaxing but highly uplifting with pine and mint flavors and a skunky sweet berry aroma.


Auto G13 has many medical uses and is great for the end of the day to soothe away the day’s built up anxiety, stress and depression. The analgesic effects help dissipate body aches and pains, headaches, cramps and even PMS. If you’re suffering the devastating effects of insomnia, then G13 can help. Its significant tranquilizing properties will put you to bed for a restful night’s sleep. People dealing with a lack of appetite can rely on G13 to stimulate hunger and ease the symptoms of nausea.

Home cannabis cultivators can have great success with Auto G13. It’s as easy as it gets. Just water, feed and trim to keep your plant in tip top shape. No need for complex and expensive lighting automation. A simple four hundred watt high intensity sodium discharge light is all it needs to photosynthesize. At harvest time, growers can expect yields in excess of one pound. The sea of green method works well to produce even larger yields. Sea of Green refers to the resemblance to ocean waves the top canopy of the plants takes on. By packing as many small pots into a tight space as possible, growers can dramatically increase their total yield. A four by four indoor tent can accommodate as many as twelve one gallon pots of Auto G13 Fem strain. With yields of one pound per plant the math is easy and one thing is for certain, the sea of green method produces handsomely.

Hindu Kush is a classic unto itself. An original Afghan landrace that has been crossbred with hundreds of strains and continues to be to this day. True to being a pure indica, Hindu Kush produces a strong sense of well being and euphoria. It can also knock out the most seasoned smokers with one too many puffs. Flavors of pine and earth combine with aromas of spice and sandalwood.

If eleven short weeks sounds like a reasonable time to patiently wait for top secret marijuana seeds to flower, then G13 is a strain worth consideration. It is certainly worth the wait when you harvest the bright fluffy green buds coated in surgery crystals. A treat for the eyes to behold and a top-secret origin to inject a little mystery into the experience.