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free weed seeds no purchase

New and Hot Stock!
At The Attitude we have lots of new arrivals of Cannabis Seeds and some seriously Hot Stock and is just flying out the door, click here to check out all the new marijuana seeds

Our New Promotional Offer!
We have come up with an exclusive and an amazing new promotional offer for free cannabis seeds, click here to read more.

Our free seed offer for when you spend a certain amount has also changed, you now get feminised marijuana seeds with your order when you spend £30 and more, please see below for details.

Spend £30 and receive one feminized Durban Poison cannabis seed

Spend £60 and also receive one feminized Northern Lights cannabis seed

If you are looking for marijuana seed banks to send you free seed simply by giving an address to send them to, that ain’t ever going to happen. Why not? Because any seed bank that sent out seeds for free to anybody who wanted them would be out of seeds in less than 24 hours and be left with a big shipping bill to pay!

The short answer is yes. This is a closed and exclusive list. Your email address is shared with no one. If you unsubscribe you are gone. Totally gone. If you want back on the list you will have to re-subscribe because I won’t have your address anymore.

Whenever a good deal comes in I send out the alert right away so you don’t miss out. On average I’d guess that would be 1 or 2 a month. Some months I get and send out more. Some months nothing worth alerting you for comes across my desk. I only send out alerts for good deals. Deals that are worth my time to send and your time to read.

Get a good email address

Free Seed Alerts admin Chris

Also make sure you use an email that you check fairly often because free seed deals usually only last for a couple of days, a week at the most. If you are late seeing the alert you will miss out. Nothing I can do about that.

However, having said that, a lot of common email providers do spy on you. If you want to be off the surveillance radar, use a private encrypted email service. You can get an account for free. Two private email providers I use are Tutanota and Protonmail.

Most free seed deals work something like this – buy 10 seeds and get an extra 10 seeds for free. There are variations. Sometimes it can be a picture competition, or a review request. But regardless, it is always a give and take situation.

The larger your order, the more free seeds you will receive. You will find I am much more generous than many of the seed banks out there.

Also, if you place an order for the cannabis seeds we sell, you will also receive an order of these free cannabis seeds. And, in addition to the free seed order, I will include some free seeds of strains we sell too.

Here is a bit of a break down of how I give out the free cannabis seeds.

First and foremost you can pick up an order of these free cannabis seeds without purchasing any of the cannabis seeds we sell. That’s right no purchase necessary.

You will find around 30 free cannabis seeds in every order. You will also receive a free order of cannabis seeds with each paid order, as well as other great freebies.

I want us all to over grow the world with cannabis! I will do my part by offering free cannabis seeds, just for visiting my site…

Whether you call it weed, pot, marijuana, or the right name…cannabis…I need your help.