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free weed seeds no purchase necessary

Shipping and Delivery News!
To stay as the most efficient Cannabis Seeds bank in the World we have updated our shipping and delivery methods, more info can be found here.

Spend £60 and also receive one feminized Northern Lights cannabis seed

Our telephone:
01473 724698 or int: 0011 1473 724698

Spend £90 and also receive one feminized White Widow cannabis seed

Our free seed offer for when you spend a certain amount has also changed, you now get feminised marijuana seeds with your order when you spend £30 and more, please see below for details.

Get these free cannabis seeds with no purchase necessary. That is right, these free weed seeds are completely free, nada, no cost, absolutely no purchase necessary, you just pay shipping and handling.

I will charge you shipping and handling, but the seeds themselves are free….again these cannabis seeds are completely free cannabis seeds! Get them, and plant them everywhere, let’s overgrow the world with cannabis.

The larger your order, the more free seeds you will receive. You will find I am much more generous than many of the seed banks out there.

Also, if you place an order for the cannabis seeds we sell, you will also receive an order of these free cannabis seeds. And, in addition to the free seed order, I will include some free seeds of strains we sell too.

You will find I am very generous if you trust me with your cannabis seed order. I look forward to serving you, here at Just Cannabis Seed we are all about customer service! Let me prove that to YOU! Shop for cannabis seeds…

That’s it! It couldn’t be simpler. We won’t tell you what’s coming until it’s posted on Facebook, but there are 500 seeds, t-shirts, grinders, keyrings, stickers and a shit load more. Winners will be announced at the end of the competition – make sure you enter every day!

Wtf! A partridge in a pear tree? And she’s your true love? – dump that twat, get yourself in bed with the big hairy one over this festive period & he’ll share his bulging sack of cannabis seeds! What’s a partridge any way, can you even eat it? Anyway…

Bonus 12th day Prize

The 12th day will be a very special multiple breeder gift and will include lots of seeds and goodies!


We’ve invited some of the best breeders, from all over the weed world, to join in and share the only Christmas gifts Gorilla fans will ever need or want. And unlike everyone else, you don’t even have to buy something first. It’s Chriiiiiissstmasssss FFS and we want to say thank you – not f**k you!

Enter every day PLUS THE 12th DAY and a BIG PRIZE can be yours. This will be a mix of seeds from the previous 11 days and will include some really nice gifts from The Gorilla himself.