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Want big crops and high yields? Here’s the best we have to offer.

We ship daily to the USA , Australia, NZ, and Western Europe. Shipping is FREE except to Australia for orders below $150 USD

If your order does not arrive, for whatever reason, we will ship your seeds again. For FREE! It’s only fair.

24/7 Expert Grow Support

Why? Because with nearly 2-decades of experience I have dealt with every possible growing situation. I’ve included every insight i’ve ever had (and more from experts on the forums) on this site so you can both benefit from my experience and secure quality seeds guaranteed to arrive and germinate!

Indoors or outdoors, hot or cold, we have strains you can grow just about anywhere.

You like having everything ready to go in one place? Check out our grow kits. Not only are they a bargain they also have everything needed for your grow.

We stand by our seeds, and strive to give you the best experience possible!

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The Pax portable dry herb vaporizer is my personal favorite. If you use a mix of concentrates and dry herb, the Pax 3 can handle both. I was recently told that the Pax 3 heats up in only 15 seconds!

Cannacals are the best way to label your edibles. The label is baked right onto your food making them easily identifiable.


The Original Nuggy by NugTools is the smoker’s multi-tool. It consolidates ten different smoking functions into a single device.

This cannabis lock box is odor proof.

This stash container is one of the best stoner gifts on Amazon.