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found a seed in my weed reddit

press it between your fingers with a medium strength if it doesn't crack you're golden. I suggest germinating it before you put it in the ground.

Don't do this lol. Just put in a shot glass of water for 24-30 hours till you can tap on it and it sinks. Then put it between wet paper towels for a couple of days. Moist not wet. Cracking seeds is an old-timer way that proves nothing of viability. The tiger stripes tell more about the viability than pressing it with your fingers

Title. I remember reading somewhere that if you find seeds in your weed then it's not as good because the plant spent energy making the seeds instead of producing trichomes. I've found a seed in my grinder 3 times, is my nug lower quality?

Yes and no. Your bud did spend some energy on creating those seeds. That energy could have gone into trichome production. However unless the grower really fucked up and the bud is REALLY REALLY SEEDY you're only losing a few % thc. When you find a few seeds in a nug or in a bag it typically means the grower either had a light leak or one of their plants hermied on them at some point. It's not a big deal. When I find a seed I make sure to break up the rest of that bag by hand so I can remove any additional seeds (always find that first one in my grinder) before I grind em up.

IF the seeds are large and brown/black/striped you can save and grow em, if they're small and white just toss em, they're trash.

the tangie pre-rolls are delicious though.

thats what mine was tangie.. must be a bad batch

Grow that shit! Seriously, if a dispensary is selling it, it is mostly likely a hardy strain. I always get excited when I find a seed in a batch, I just add it to my library of seeds and have had more than a few successful grows from "bag seeds".

I'd let them know, I found a seed in a 5g batch of Tangie, I didn't care about it but let them know and they were very apologetic. They need the feedback though!

They won't be males most likely but they will have a high tendency to be hermaphrodites themselves.