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florida weeds with sticky seeds

ChickweedStellaria media, common chickweed

CrabgrassDigitaria sp.

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Bull ThistleCirsium vulgare

Taraxacum officinale is a stemless perennial. With its deep taproots, the Dandelion is identified by the single yellow flower at the end of each long, hollow stalk. When the weed matures, the yellow flower matures into white, puff balls containing seeds. Dandelion can be found throughout the continental United states, Alaska and Hawaii.

Chamaesyce maculata is a summer annual with freely branched prostrate, mat-forming stems from a central taproot. Stems, when broken, have a “milky” sap. Spotted Spurge tends to germinate in the spring and can be found along the Eastern United States as well as west to North Dakota and Texas, and into California and Oregon.

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Medicago lupulina L. is a taprooted summer annual or, less commonly, a winter annual or biennial. Black Medic is dark green in appearance, with leaves composed of three leaflets on long petioles. Black Medic can be found throughout the continental United States and Hawaii – especially in lesser or unmaintained turf.

Geranium carolinianum L. is a semi-erect 8-28 inch tall winter annual or biennial. It can be identified by the greenish-pink to red, densely hairy stems as well as its round to oval, hairy leaves, with blunt-toothed margins. Carolina Geranium can be found throughout the continental United States and Hawaii.

Veronica arvensis L. is a low-growing winter annual with two levels of leaves. The lower leaves are near rounded with toothed margins while the upper leaves are smaller in size and more linear in shape. Corn Speedwell can be found throughout the United States, with the exclusion of the Rocky Mountain Region.

After working hard to make your lawn look lush and well-manicured, it’s unfortunate to see it all go to waste when weeds start invading the turf. Weeds are unwanted plants that plenty of lawn owners have to deal with. These pesky plants can easily invade a turf, especially those that prefer our warm and humid climate.

Aside from aesthetics, controlling and removing weeds is important to improve the health of your lawn. These pesky invaders may also steal nutrients from the grass, plants, and more. If they are not controlled, your lawn will become untidy, or worse, the grass and flowers may start to wither.

Before you start removing these out-of-place plants or start controlling them, you should first find out what you’re dealing with. You won’t be able to properly remove and prevent weeds in your yard if you don’t know what type it is. To help you out, here are some of the weeds that one may find in their Florida lawn.