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fast growing weed seeds uk

These Quick Flowering quality cannabis seed strains are selected for growers who want to get the maximum yield in the shortest possible time.

The cannabis strains in this section will be ready to harvest after 6-8 weeks.

We must point out that the Quick Flowering strain information is strictly guidance for growers who are legally permitted to germinate cannabis seeds.

Quick Flowering cannabis plants are developed through selective breeding, crossing strains with fast genetics to reduce the flowering time.

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Quick One is one of the fastest auto-growing strains on the planet. The plant is based on the original auto flowering strain – Lowryder. This strain was created from a cross between William’s Wonder x Northern Lights x Ruderalis. These plants are usually ready for harvest in 8 weeks from germination. The plants also reach between 50 and 60 cm and can yield up to 150g per plant.

Cannabis cultivators look for specific traits when selecting a strain. Some search for flavour and potency above all else, whereas others are more concerned with speed. Luckily for both the former and latter camps, the breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have dedicated a lot of time to developing top-quality strains that are quick off the mark and rapid to deliver their goods.

Easy Bud

Feminized cannabis seeds are designed to produce only female plants. Feminized seeds will produce a female plant 99.99% of the time. Don’t waste your time trying to produce flower from a male plant – they will only pollinate you females, resulting in seeds rather than bud.

You’ve never seen flowers like these before. Seriously. Alongside her fruity terpenes and high THC content, Watermelon Automatic boasts stunning shades of deep purple, bright orange, and dark green. You won’t have to wait long to experience their beauty. The strain develops a canopy loaded with flowers only 8–9 weeks after germination.

After germinating these seeds, Easy Bud will explode into a mature plant in as little as eight weeks. Prepare to harvest up to 325g/m² from indoor plants, and between 30–80g/plant from outdoor specimens.

Taking just 8-9 weeks to race from seed to harvest, Original Auto Skunk has fast become a favourite among true cannabis connoisseurs. Her sweet and earthy buds will soon be in your hands, thanks to a smooth and enjoyable growing experience. She’s low maintenance and is geared toward both indoor and outdoor growing projects. She’ll reach heights of around 80–100cm, making her ideal for those that want a little discretion with their plants, or who simply want something smaller to take care of. When she’s ready to yield, you’ll see returns of 400–500g/m² indoors and 50–150g/plant outdoors.

True to her name, you’ll be able to tell she’s skunky before you even try her. The effects she brings are definitely relaxing and soothing (you’ll certainly feel every bit of her 20% THC content), but with some strong uplifting qualities, making Skunk Auto ideal for a night in with friends.

Purple Punch Auto is another quick one, taking around 8–9 weeks before she’s ready to yield. But, let us tell you; if she does need that extra 9th week, it will truly be worth the wait as she blossoms into a fully formed force to be reckoned with. Purple Punch Auto will reach heights of around 80cm on average. She’s a compact plant that will pleasantly surprise any grower, especially when it comes to her yields. Anticipate returns of around 400g/m² indoors and a similar amount per plant outdoors.

8. Watermelon Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

Even though some of the previous strains will reach harvest in a flash, the question of whether it’s possible to speed them up more is still top of mind for many.

The result of a dazzling cannabis threesome in the form of Bubble Gum x OG Kush x Critical Automatic, Sticky Beast Automatic is first on our list of fast-growing autoflowers. From start to finish, she’ll take just 7–8 weeks to deliver a satisfying harvest. Reaching heights of 40–80cm indoors and 60–100cm outdoors, she offers discretion, and isn’t overbearing in the slightest. At the end of her rapid growing cycle, you can expect returns in the region of 350–400g/m² indoors and 150–200g/plant outdoors.

Sometimes you don’t want to wait months to get your hands on some cannabis. While some may have the impression that a short growing cycle correlates to a weak and meagre harvest, this couldn’t be further from the truth—at least in the case of these 10 autoflowers. Delve into our fastest autoflowers, which give photoperiods a run for their money.

However, the most obvious benefit of autoflowers is their speed. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the top 10 fastest autoflowering cannabis strains. The majority of these lightning-fast strains race from seed to harvest in 8 weeks or less, but one thing’s for sure; they all deliver top-quality cannabis.