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exotic weed seeds

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Sir Jack Auto Pure CBD features THC levels of less than 1%. As she doesn’t get users high, she is a great strain for those who love Haze flavours but don’t really care about the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Exotic Seed comprises a Spanish and Dutch team that has but one objective; to deliver the highest-quality cannabis seeds. Harnessing their vast experience, they carry out this objective with ease. Featuring a huge and extensive range, with over 40 unique varieties under their belt, there’s truly something for everyone. Each strain undergoes vigorous fine-tuning to achieve the best flavours and effects. Some strains produced by Exotic Seed have been around for a long time, but it’s not unusual to see the occasional limited-edition collaboration between them and other companies.

Sir Jack Auto Pure CBD (Exotic Seed) feminized

Exotic Thai is a superb strain by Exotic Seed. A masterfully bred strain made to harness the full power and the experience of sativa strains while still keeping desirable growing traits associated with indicas. The parent strains of Exotic Thai are the potent Thai Sativa landrace and the famous NYC Diesel.

Doctor Greenman Pure CBD by Exotic Seed is an ideal strain for those seeking a quality source of CBD—up to 12% of it. As her THC level won’t ever exceed 1%, users can enjoy this strain without getting high. This uncomplicated CBD-rich cultivar grows fast, so you won’t have to wait long to harvest a delicious bounty of buds.

Strawberry Cola Auto’s mouth-watering fruity and cola flavour notes, alongside a very relaxing effect, make for a highly enjoyable smoke. This autoflowering indica hybrid maintains a manageable size and grows easy and fast. Sweet-toothed growers of all levels need to crop this effervescent specimen post-haste!

Earn from 5 to 15 delicious coins.
5 coins = 0,50 € and 15 coins = 1,50 €.

Earn from 6 to 18 delicious coins.
6 coins = 0,60 € and 18 coins = 1,80 €.

Earn from 5 to 16 delicious coins.
5 coins = 0,50 € and 16 coins = 1,60 €.

Purple Shot

Earn from 4 to 12 delicious coins.
4 coins = 0,40 € and 12 coins = 1,20 €.

Начиная от: 30,00 €

Earn 4 delicious coins.
4 coins = 0,40 €.

Начиная от: 27,00 €