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elevate seeds

Elev8 Seeds has an incredible selection of high-quality seeds, excellent customer service, and a top-notch website. However, their lack of shipping options, germination guarantee, and expensive prices are pretty off-putting.

Compared to other online seed banks, Elev8 Seeds definitely has some of the highest prices that I’ve seen.

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They have a Growing Tips section of their website which is very helpful.

The amount of options that they offer is wonderful, along with their pledge to provide any help customers may need with paying through their easy-to-reach customer service department.

Otherwise, their website was impeccably designed, and overall one of the best seed bank websites I’ve seen.

Elev8 Seeds is a Canadian seed bank which was created with a clear mission:

Elev8 Seeds only retains marijuana strains that are definite “keepers”, rejecting anything they deem second rate. It has a clear three-fold breeding strategy that enables them to produce the highest quality seed strains:

The varied selection includes both feminised and regular seed strains and also features the high-CD strain Harlequin.

“. to provide the best genetics in seed form to those that know the value of world-class genetics.”

Having been amateur growers themselves at one time the breeders are fully aware of how much effort goes into producing a really good crop and for that reason they do their utmost to provide the superior genetics necessary to realise the goal of every grower – great weed.

“For me, SEEDS is not just a scholarship, it is LOVE and I want to give back to people who face difficulties in their lives. I helped many SEEDS students successfully applied for good internships by giving them tips, reviewing their CV, and doing mock interviews with them. I also helped students in my high school to write excellent essays to get direct admissions to universities.”

Hieu Nhan, SEEDS scholarship recipient

Nhu, SEEDS scholarship recipient

English Camp

Engaging families through direct interactions including Scholarship Ceremony and Home Visits.

“I was once an average student because I didn’t have time to focus on my studies, and I thought of dropping out of school to help my parents farm. Fortunately, with the support and encouragement from SEEDS, I passed the high school entrance exam and for three years in a row, I was the top student in my class. I also received many awards in science and technology. My hard work and determination paid off when I got accepted into my dream medical school.”

Linh, SEEDS scholarship recipient

Working with schools and the local community to support recipients and their families, including effective dissemination of culturally appropriate and locally relevant information regarding human trafficking and safe migration.