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does exotic weed have seeds

Quite simply, exotic strains are higher-quality strains and should be shinier than the lower standard strains. This is greatly due to the size and length of the hairs which cover all marijuana buds. These hairs are called trichomes, and because their growth is denser and longer, the buds are shinier. This gives a “crystal-like” effect to the buds, making them glossier.

True lovers of weed are becoming more discerning in their taste for marijuana and are seeking more exotic strains. The more exotic types have different effects, they can also be stronger and have a different smell and even a different color of smoke emitted during the smoking. There is also a beauty to the buds that most exotic strains exhibit. Although many exotic marijuana strain lovers prefer certain strains because of the increased high that is produced, other users are fascinated with the exotics for the look of the plant, the seeds, and especially the buds.
Other exotic marijuana lovers are looking for a certain smell or taste. Decades ago, just finding any marijuana of any type was considered a huge accomplishment. With the increased legalization in the United States, and across the globe, many marijuana users now seek more variety and excitement in their use of this plant. Many individuals enjoy growing it themselves and have mastered the art of doing so.

In 2021 there is a trend not only towards exotics but RARE exotic cannabis plants.

Another question then seeing a plant is the very first way to try and discern if it is an exotic strain as a visual can speak volumes about the uniqueness of any marijuana plant.

Some are popular because of the high they produce, others are popular because of the look of the buds, which can be colorful and beautiful, and as stated before some have an unusual taste to the smoke or a unique smell to the smoke.

Even strains that are woody looking will still be glossier with more trichomes, so It is easier to discern an exotic strain using this visual knowledge. Newbies that are just starting out on the journey of exotic strains of marijuana use the shiny crystal-like appearance to help discern if what they are purchasing or about to use is indeed an exotic.

However, trichomes are a consistent feature of every high-quality strain. These are the crystals that coat the surface of the cannabis flower, and they contain the majority of the active compounds within cannabis. Keif is used to describe this or the sugar that falls off into the bottom of your grinder. Exotic strains, and in general excellent cannabis strains, look like they’ve been coated in trichomes. Just like some ice, you can see the trichomes sparkling.

In an industry filled with buzzwords meant to sell you on opaque qualities of a strain, “exotic” strains are complicated to understand. Many people claiming to be smoking the most exotic strains on the market are early adopters of rising strains. Unfortunately, no market is without its pretensions, and so many people will throw a lot of hot air your way just to impress you with their knowledge.

What Makes For An Exotic Cannabis Strain?

While the definition of Exotic refers to uncommon or rare cannabis strains, there are universal attributes that make for desirable buds. First has to do with the cure, whether or not it’s properly dried, and if it is maintained, the slightly wet cushy touch of cannabis buds. This wetness is basically the feeling of life in the plant so that it’s not old. Past that, visually cannabis can be incredibly diverse. Growing methods end up with dense, purple, orange, white, tall, or short buds or any combination of these attributes.

The genetics matter because genetics are what make a cannabis strain produce these parts. Expert breeders and producers like Exotic Genetix, DNA Genetics, Jungle Boys, and Cookies Fam, designed several of the strains proliferating across the industry today. Their seed choice and genetic knowledge is the first step in engineering a strain. Get the right seeds from the right people and you’ll have a high quality, exclusive, and exotic strain.

What are trichomes actually? They’re small hairs that grow all over cannabis buds. Their size is what makes them look like crystals, when in reality they’re just hairs off the plant. In these hairs, the resin and cannabinoids of the buds are made, and that’s why they are the most important factor behind a cannabis strain.

Blazing up isn’t the only way to judge the quality of a bud. You can get a pretty good estimate using telltale visual signs. By learning some basic cannabis anatomy, you’ll know what to look for and where to find it. Structures such as trichomes and pistils offer a good insight into the state of a flower. Feeling for moisture and resin are also reliable indicators.

by Macey W. – March 21, 2019 What Are the Different Qualities of Weed? How To Tell If Your Weed Is Good Or Not. by Macey W. – March 21, 2019 The quality

But the process doesn’t end there. The hybrid strain that you buy at the dispensary has likely gone through many rounds—or generations—of breeding to strengthen its genes and to ensure that its descendants are healthy and consistent.

The dankest weed has a funky powerful aroma, the frostiest coating of resin, delicious taste and unbelievable high. Dank weed excites all the senses and has a je ne sais quoi that makes it unique.
Interest in exotic strains has picked up over the years with many places having easier access to cannabis.

Exotic strains are known for their strong aromas and tastes, and they tend to come packed with a high THC content and interesting backstories.
Unlike Reggies, m >trichomes present. This is important because these hair-like appendages create the essence of the plant, with unique terpene profiles . While mid-grade bud does not have a super high THC content, it is usually higher than Reggie bud.
The quality of your bud depends on many factors, and you cannot predict exactly what you’ll be smoking just by the name of the strain or visual cues. There are plenty of things to look out for when determining the quality of your weed, and lots of terms devoted to describing those classifications. Knowing the different qualities of weed can save you from wasted money and disappointing highs.
Perfectly dried and cured dank weed grinds easily and doesn’t turn to dust – rather frosty green flakes. Bendy green twigs are indicative of a rush job on the drying process, and a botched curing with too high relative humidity can cause mold.
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