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delicious seeds auto

In Delicious Seeds® you will find the best seed banks. Both to grow indoors and outdoors. We have the answer to all your questions, for this we have made a selection among the best seed banks from which we have chosen the most * productive, resistant, autoflowering, feminized, medicinal, regular, exclusive seeds and others with a high percentage of CBD.
At Delicious Seeds® we defend a harmonious growth process, based on the values of equality, efficiency and transparency. Our staff is highly qualified and will be able to advise you on any questions that may arise, free and personalized attention, if you have never cultivated, want to start a crop from scratch or have problems in your crop we will give you the solution.

Delicious Cannabis Seeds have crossed and crossed again to produce some very interesting strains, some are very quick while others threaten a complete brain meltdown with their projected strength. All in all they are fantastic additions to any souvenir seed collection.

Delicious Seeds team put all their efforts to provide pleasurable and global experiences… the world is full of beauty and their senses are the gateway that allows us to cross it.

DELICIOUS IS AN EXPERIENCE. Delicious is the door that awakens our imagination and our senses, the gateway to the state of a complete giddyness of the feelings.

The quality of their image is a reflection of their commitment toward this world, and the best example of it is their seedbank which, supported by the best breeders, has selected the best varieties for the enjoy of the most exclusive growers.

Delicious Candy Auto by Delicious Seeds is a feminised autoflowering cannabis seed that has its origins in the cross of a Cheese Autoflowering and a Caramelo Auto. This autoflowering version of the world-renowned Delicious Candy is a mid-sized Indica-dominant marijuana plant with broad leaves and the organoleptic properties of its feminised predecessor.

Remember that, besides our catalogue of Delicious Seeds, you can access our selection of over 3,000 cannabis seeds. Don’t forget to use our advanced filters to help you find strains with higher or lower THC levels, with faster flowering cycles and of varying sizes depending on your grow’s needs.

Technical data

Despite growing well indoors, Delicious Candy Auto thrives outdoors and, if the weather is good, it can even be harvested more than once within a year. It is particularly interesting if intending to go unnoticed. A tip, though: oxygenating the substrate and using a pot of 15-20L all throughout the plant’s life cycle is sure to be beneficial for its optimal development.

The flavour and aroma of Delicious Candy Auto are pronounced, with hints of citrus, and cheese. It provides a typically Indica effect, i.e., powerful, long-lasting, physical but still relaxing.

* Cannabinoid levels (THC, CBD. ) could vary due to external factors such as the culture medium, grower’s experience, cultivation techniques (SOG, SCROG. ), environmental conditions, or genetic variation.