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cheap autoflower seeds

Green Crack has an aromatic profile with floral and spicy notes with lashings of fruit. You’ll get big tropical fruit flavors to taste, not dissimilar from an energy drink. The effects are equally energizing, producing a lasting mental buzz and uplifting high.

Tangerine dream has a wonderful citrus and orange profile with a slight sourness. The smell can be musky and muddy, but it soon develops into a fine citrus hit. This strain is particularly effective for medicinal use. It produces a euphoric and uplifting high that relaxes the muscles and eases the mind.

Cheese grows in a stunning Christmas tree-like shape and is easy to cultivate with few issues. Some experience, however, goes a long way, as the plant is slightly susceptible to mold and mildew. Good heat and sunshine are essential, which is why many UK growers choose to bring things indoors. Many have great success utilizing coconut fibers in the soil. You can expect Cheese to reach heights of 100 cm indoors and 120 cm outdoors.

Smell, taste and effect

Zkittlez is an easy-to-grow strain thanks to its resistance to mold and hardiness, making it adaptable to different cultivating methods. While beginners will have no issues, advanced growers will love experimenting with light training methods. Just be sure to provide enough nutrients, as Zkittlez loves to feed. You can grow Zkittlez indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses, but good warmth and light are key. In terms of growth, it’s a compact plant, reaching 75 cm indoors and 100 cm outdoors.

Girl Scout Cookies has a luscious scent of baked cookies and brown sugar. The flavor is equally rich, with notes of dank chocolate and minty undertones. This strain boasts an impressively high THC level, which brings a long-lasting, euphoric high that’s associated with full-body relaxation. It’s a fine means of stress or anxiety relief.

AK-47 auto seeds are fine for beginners and experienced hands alike. It’s a forgiving strain that’s hardy and resistant to mold and disease. While warm and bright summer conditions are essential for outdoor growth, she’ll do fine indoors too or on a balcony. The Indica-dominantcharacteristics boast a bushy and compact structure that’s easy to maintain. As for height, expect AK-47 to reach up to 100 cm indoors and 150 cm outdoors.

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Tangerine Dream is an easy-grow strain that’s ideal for beginners. You can grow her indoors or outdoors, although warm, sunny climates are essential. Its resilience to mold and mildew, in particular, make it forgivable to small mistakes. It remains compact and tidy, and responds well to various training methods. You can expect heights of up to 100 cm indoors and 130 cm outdoors.

Grow Tips

This strain provides an extremely sweet and smooth taste that will remind you of a sour apple candy, providing a powerful cerebral high while relaxing your muscles and getting your creative juices flowing with a euphoric and uplifting high, a great strain for social events or creative activities like drawing or writing.

Californian Snow Auto is a high-yielding auto with 23% THC that resulted from a cross between our own autoflowering genetics and an extremely potent Californian Sativa.

1. Californian Snow Auto

Thanks to its Sativa heritage, this plant can grow up to 1.3m tall with a large internodal spacing and several side branches that will be completely covered in frostbitten buds by week 9 from seed to harvest.

If you’re growing on a budget it’s important to choose the best genetics without spending a lot, here’s a list of our top 10 cheapest seeds that will reward you with top-shelf buds for only 9 euros each!

The aroma at the end was a tangy sour apple smell. Love how these turned out they literally didn’t give me any trouble. Very excited for this to finish up for some sampleage. Both plants were very similar except one had longer skinny buds and the other shorter and fat, but of both of them are heavy yielders with an abundance of rock-solid nugs.” – Hawkbo

Resulting from a cross between an OG Kush from the west coast and one of our fine autoflowering genetics, this Indica-dominant strain offers 21% THC and is one of our first cup-winning strains.

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Even though autoflowering seeds from this collection are more affordable than you’d normally expect from cannabis seed shops, there’s no need for you to doubt their quality. The Cheap Autoflower Seeds Collection is the result of meticulous research of the modern market of marijuana seeds, resulting in a variety of handpicked autoflowering seeds that combine affordable price and top-shelf quality. To be able to offer you some of the cheapest autoflowering seeds in the world, Herbies works with reputable producers who were able to build their breeding operations in the most cost-effective way. Go through Herbies’ Cheap Autoflower Seeds Collection for yourself and you’ll see both connoisseur-level cannabis strains from some of the largest producers in the world, as well as new and exciting varieties from aspiring players in the business who want to make their promising autos available to a wider audience.

If you’re looking to try out autoflowering genetics for yourself but don’t want to spend a fortune, our Cheap Autoflower Seeds Collection is where you should start. We’ve already done all the hard work for you and came up with an astonishing group of carefully selected autoflowering cannabis seeds that will make both your wallet and your garden incredibly happy. We’ve also made sure to diversify this group as much as possible, so upon entering Herbies’ Cheap Autoflower Seeds Collection, you find a wide range of terpene profiles, potencies, and yields. Get more bang for your buck!

Cheap autoflowering seeds are often hard to find. That’s because each autoflowering seed is a child of meticulous breeding work performed by seed banks and their research teams. However, Herbies has already done all the research and quality checks, so you can confidently scroll through the pages of this collection and finally buy autoflowering seeds cheaply. Enjoy every benefit of growing autos, including their resilience, quick turnaround, and compact size, while also saving money that you can later invest in growing.

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Cheap Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds From Top Producers Only

Autoflowering cannabis is all the talk right now! Why so? Because autoflowering strains are completely unique in all of the pros they present to cannabis growers who pick them for their cannabis gardens. However, more often than not, it may be difficult to find cheap autoflower seeds. This is because such genetics require a lot of research, scientific work, and careful breeding to produce and bring to perfection. As a result, cheap autoflowering seeds are more an exception than a rule. Even the cheapest autoflowering cannabis seeds are a product of breeding cannabis Sativa or Indica with cannabis Ruderalis, the less-known subspecies of weed, that’s not psychoactive, but grants autoflowers a bunch of amazing qualities like stealthiness, quick turnaround, resilience, and more.

Even if you’re looking to buy autoflowering seeds cheaply, you can still enjoy all the same benefits of high-quality autoflowers. First, they are generally compact and thus ideal for stealthy grow ops. Second, they are naturally more resilient and sturdier, which makes them perfect for beginner growers. Third, cheap autoflowering cannabis seeds will flower independently from light schedules, just as more expensive autoflowering marijuana varieties do. Finally, even the cheapest autoflower seeds will be much faster and easier to grow than the vast majority of photoperiod weed strains.

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