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Clara Jane is a CBD & Hemp Dispensary in Nashville, TN. We carry high quality Delta-8 THC, CBD oil, edibles, vapes, & CBD pain creams. CBD in Nashville: 17 Destinations for CBD Oil, Food, Drinks, Massages They call it the Music City and the heart of country, but Tennessee is also in the heart of hemp country, with the

CBD Oil Nashville

Clara Jane is offering In-Store Shopping, Curbside Pickup & Same Day Delivery.

We’re in the business of helping people by enthusiastically sharing our passion for alternative methods of healing.

  • CBD + D8 Flower
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I bought peanut butter for my dog here at an event. He loved it and it helped with teething pain. Always do your research before purchasing products. Today I’ll be trying out a sampler that is being delivered to my house all the way in Franklin!! Supper friendly staff!

Big fan! These folks do a great job. You should check out their indoor strains, especially the Juicy Fruit! Great flavor with a smooth draw.

This was my first visit ever to a dispensary. Chad, one of the owners was very helpful and wasn’t pressured at all in his presence. I have been a toker for years. The cbd that Clara Jane offers is absolutely amazing. Chad, you’ve made a new customer out of me for sure. Thank you kind sir.

Clara Jane is my go-to for CBD gummies and other CBD products in Nashville. The quality of ingredients is so great. The owners are friendly, make delivery easy and keep prices affordable. It’s a cute little location in the heart of our town and it brings nothing but joy to shop there. Online shopping is also super simple and convenient.

Chad was very patient with me over the phone and provided a great recommendation for sleep. The curbside pickup was easy and quick!

Incredible flower. Chad is super nice and knowledge. The shop is quaint and professional. Highly recommended!

What a gem! From the ordering process to the curbside pickup, Clara Jane made this experience perfect. Knowledgeable, caring folks, and knowing the products are responsibly sourced is what will bring me back for sure. I am glad I found Clara Jane for all of my hemp and cbd needs.

Great service. Clara Jane has the nicest staff. Excellent quality product- highly recommend.

CBD in Nashville: 17 Destinations for CBD Oil, Food, Drinks, Massages

They call it the Music City and the heart of country, but Tennessee is also in the heart of hemp country, with the 5th-largest hemp crop of any state (just behind Kentucky). Tennessee has been one of the biggest hubs of the CBD gold rush partly because the state legislature has been fairly permissive with CBD production and consumption (partly due to a long history of growing hemp in the state ).

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Tennesseans are growing to love this anxiety-fighting, anti-inflammatory, plant-based remedy, and businesses are responding by infusing CBD into all manner of food, drink, and other good stuff (hello, CBD massage).

In this article we tracked down Nashville’s CBD hotspots, from CBD-specific stores to cafes and bars selling CBD-infused food and drink. But first, let’s review the legal status of CBD in Tennessee.

Is CBD legal in Tennessee?

Yes! Tennessee lawmakers recently formally removed hemp from the legal definition of marijuana, which is a cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC.

So, any CBD product that is hemp-derived with a THC below that level is legal in Tennessee (and you probably won’t see any CBD products with THC levels ABOVE that threshold outside of marijuana dispensaries).

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Nashville (CBD-Specific Shops)

These are the Nashville CBD dispensaries, CBD clinics, or whatever you want to call a shop that specializes in all manner of CBD products (and Nashville has some of the finest).

1. The BE Hive

Address : 2414 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

Hours: Mon-Fri: Closed, Sat-Sun: 11AM-4PM

The BE Hive is one of the most health-conscious and locally-focused plant-based shops in Nashville, maybe THE most, and one of their specialties is a housemade line of exquisite CBD products. They’re one of the few stores with their own house brand that uses Tennessee-grown, organic full-spectrum hemp. All their products are also lab-tested, so you can count on what you’re getting. At The BE Hive, you can buy anything from hemp-infused coconut butter to body balms, tinctures, pet treats, and even CBD-infused chili oil and hot sauce.

2. Clara Jane Hemp Dispensary

Address : 1132 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37210

Hours: Mon-Sat: 12PM-6PM, Sun: 12PM-5PM

Clara Jane is another one of Nashville’s CBD destinations that really puts a focus on locally-produced hemp. You can find CBD oils, vape cartridges, pet products, CBD prerolls and flower, topicals, creams, and more at this delightful little shop.

3. Perfect Plant Hemp Co.

Address : 300 White Bridge Pike suite b, Nashville, TN 37209

Hours: Mon-Sat: 10AM-8PM, Sun: 12PM-6PM

Perfect Plant Hemp Co. has one of the most beautiful storefronts and designs we’ve seen in the city: wonderfully spaced, with an open floor plan and products arranged prettily on shelves. They also have a fantastic selection of CBD products, including a wide range of CBD flower strains (which aren’t always easy to find), vape pens and cartridges, oils and tinctures, edibles, and more.

4. LabCanna

Address : 1006 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

Hours: Mon-Sat: 10AM-7PM, Sun: 11AM-6PM

LabCanna is one of the oldest-headquartered CBD shops in Nashville, starting as an online-only business in 2014 and opening their first store in 2016. They also have the distinction of being one of the first CBD companies to bring a CBD product to market, and receiving Tennessee’s first Hemp Processing License. Their pedigree is matched by an excellent selection of CBD products: balms, oils, tinctures, CBD-infused food and drink (including goodies like CBD-infused coffee beans!), bath bombs, beauty products, vaporizers, and more. This is perhaps the best destination for CBD products in the city.

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5. Nashville CBD Solutions

Address : 4004 Hillsboro Pike #150r, Nashville, TN 37215

Hours: Mon-Sat: 10AM-7PM, Sun: 12PM-5PM

This neat little CBD shop has a pretty brick storefront and the vibe of a welcoming clinic, with friendly and knowledgeable CBD-heads at the desk who do a great job of helping you find the right CBD product for you. They carry heavyweight CBD brands like Charlotte’s Web, along with their own line of Southern Solutions CBD products that include oils, edibles, topicals, pet foods, and assorted beauty products.

6. Music City Hemp Store

Address : 708 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219

Hours: Mon-Sat: 12PM-6PM, Sun: Closed

Opened in Spring 2018, Music City Hemp was founded by a successful musician and focuses on locally produced hemp. They specialize mainly in oils and tinctures, though they also have a small selection of topicals and pet products.

7. Nashville Flower

This online-only store is a great option for those looking to browse CBD in the comfort of their home and get it delivered to their doorstep. They have a small selection of CBD flower strains, along with a selection of softgels and prerolls.

Where to Buy CBD-Infused Food and Drink in Nashville

CBD chocolate, booze, coffee, and more.

1. Bang Candy Company

Address : 1300 Clinton St, Nashville, TN 37203

Hours: Mon-Sat: 9:30AM-4PM, Sun: 11AM-4PM

The Bang Candy Company is a stalwart of the Nashville sweets scene, with a beautiful factory and a host of tasty goodies. Among them is the Dream Drop, which are delicious little chocolates infused with 10mg of organically-grown hemp extract.

2. Oak Steakhouse

Address : 801 Clark Pl, Nashville, TN 37203

Hours: Mon-Thu: 5PM-10PM, Fri: 5PM-11PM, Sat: 4:30PM-11PM, Sunday: 5PM-9PM

This beloved steakhouse doesn’t just fire up the grill with some amazing Nashville steak (or ribs, pork, or whatever you’re into), but they’ve got a trick hidden up their sleeve: The Three Graces, a delicious cocktail infused with CBD isolate.

3. Parlour Bar at Dream Nashville

Address: 210 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219

Hours: Mon-Thurs 4PM-12AM, Fri-Sun 11AM-2AM

This stylish bar, headquartered in the Dream Hotel, serves a couple of CBD-infused goodies: including the Gin and Chronic (gin, strawberry rhubarb tonic, and LabCanna CBD), and the Less Than Zero (tequila, Lillet Blanc, honey syrup, cherry, and lime juice with LabCanna CBD).

4. Cafe Roze

Address : 1115 Porter Rd, Nashville, TN 37206

Hours: Mon-Sun: 8AM-10PM

This beautifully-designed cafe is a joy to sit in while sipping a drink (or two), and the special selection on the menu is The Gateway, which uses Yuyo Botanics organic CBD oil (a local company) along with gin, egg white, and lemon.

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5. The Catio

Address : 2416 Music Valley Dr #114, Nashville, TN 37214

Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM-7PM

The Catio is one of the most quirky and unique spots in Nashville: a cafe that doubles as a cat adoption center, where you can meet new cats while sipping on a coffee. And what better way to hang out with some sleepy kitties than with some CBD chill: they make a variety of delicious CBD-infused baked goods.

6. Veteran Vibe CBD

Here’s another unique one: America’s first CBD-infused food truck (a real honor for Nashville). They have without a doubt the best selection of CBD foods in the city: paninis, chocolate, drinks, slushies, you name it: if you want to drink or eat your CBD, Veteran Vibe is the real destination.

Where to Get CBD Massages and Body Treatments in Nashville

It’s not just that CBD is a potent relaxation-inducing anti-inflammatory, there’s even evidence that it may slow excess skin cell growth , which is the root cause of maladies like dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

1. Urban Oasis

Address: 3202 Belmont Blvd E, Nashville, TN 37212

Hours: Mon: 10AM-3PM, Wed: 10AM-8PM, Tues, Thu, Fri: 10AM-6PM, Sat: 9AM-6PM, Sun: Closed

Urban Oasis’s offers a Bliss CBD Massage that uses their own special housemade CBD oil. A 60 minute session is $120, a 75 minute session is $137, and the full 90-minute session is $160. You can also add a CBD treatment to their other massage services for $25.

2. Osho Collective

Address : 2309 Grandview Ave, Nashville, TN 37211

Hours: Mon-Tue: Closed, Wed-Thurs: 9AM-7PM, Fri: 9AM-6PM, Sat: 9AM-4PM, Sun: Closed

The Osho Collective Salon and Wellness Spa is one of the most luxurious destinations in Nashville, with a focus on clean, well-sourced organic ingredients (including their CBD). They make CBD a centerpiece of their massage services: you can add CBD to any facial or massage for $20, or get a CBD bath bomb full-body soak for $80. Pick up any of their locally sourced CBD products from their retail shop.

3. Spa Haus

Address : 2811 Columbine Pl, Nashville, TN 37204

Hours: Tues-Fri: 10AM-8PM, Sat: 9AM-6M, Sun-Mon: Closed

Spa Haus offers pretty unique CBD spa experience: you get more than just a CBD massage, they even give you CBD-infused tea to sip on before your CBD massage for max chill. A 60-minute CBD facial costs $130, while the prices for CBD massages are:

  • $60 for 30 mins
  • $95 for 60 minutes
  • $140 for 90 minutes

4. The Lotus Room

Address : 1907 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212

Hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-7PM, Sat-Sun: 9AM-5PM

Have a secret love for Ayurveda body therapies or therapeutic massages plus CBD? You can add a CBD massage oil treatment to any spa service they offer for only $25.

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