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cali weed seeds

Cali Kush marijuana seeds flourish into high-THC, cheerfully indica buds that leave you feeling blissful and uplifted state of mind — perfect for a day hanging out with your friends. The plants are on the shorter side and flower in short order, too!

Among medicinal marijuana users, Cali Kush may bring some relief to patients struggling with stress and anxiety, particularly anxiety related to social situations, and many have turned to this strain to help treat symptoms of depression.


What’s in a name? If Cali Kush lives up to anything, it’s that infamous laid-back attitude that is characteristic of the great state of California. Cali Kush marijuana can lift up your mood (thanks in part to its soaring level of THC) while leaving you ultra relaxed – surfs up!

Though you may expect something slightly more exotic, Cali Kush marijuana has a strong herbal aroma, with notes of coffee, fruit, and citrus. The smoke is spicy and pungent like skunk, but you may be able to pick out other flavors like herbs, coffee, and lemon.

Cali Kush marijuana may rely on its Kush genetics to get you into a relaxed state of mind, but this indica-dominant hybrid won’t leave you languishing on the couch. Rather, you’ll find yourself in a blissful state of mind, ready and the life of the party.

The Cali Connection marijuana Seedbank offers very select cannabis strains for real connoisseurs to obtain. Arguably, the most wanted strain to come out of California State, in particular the San Francisco Valley area is OG Kush originally bred by chemdog.

In addition, there are two Cali Connection cannabis strains which real enthusiasts would want in their collection: Chem Valley Kush weed and Deadhead OG. These marijuana strains all feature the infamous Kush in their genetics. Both of these strains are available to buy at Seedsman.

If you’re the kind of person who always has room for dessert, then make some space in your grow room for the illustrious Sugar Mill. She will fill the air with exotic aromas before providing a blast of minty freshness with every hit. A smooth blend of vanilla and citrus flavours heightens those moments when you fancy something sweet—just be prepared to pass her around.

The feminized Chem Valley Kush by Cali Connection is the result of crossing two of the most stinky varieties today – a ChemDawg clone and a San Fernando Valley OG Kush V.II. This green monster produces ultra potent weed with an almost overwhelming effect – this is no smoke for first-timers or novices and we are NOT kidding! Sativa dominant hybrid with a flowering time of 65-75 days.

Mamma Mia, you are in for a treat! Cali Connection’s Italian Ice combines some of the most delicious cannabis genetics for a fruity and flavourful experience par excellence. Not only does she deliver top-notch flavour and a great high, she is also easy to grow, allowing you to get good results even with little growing experience.

Passion Berry (Cali Connection) feminized

The feminized Purple Chem by The Cali Connection is the crossing of a legendary Indica dominant hybrid, Pre98 Bubba (reversed to a male), and the no less famous Chem 91 Skunk VA, the one and only verified cutting ChemDawg gave out. Propelled by those power-genes the plants produce high yields of 500-700g/m² and will take your heart by storm with their intoxicating aroma.

Get ready for a mouth-watering experience with the delicious Passion Berry from Cali Connection! Her awesome blend of tropical fruit flavours will make you crave more with every hit. In addition to her sumptuous taste, she will also spoil you with a nicely balanced high.

The feminized LA Affie by The Cali Connection is one of the darkest and most sought after plants of all. This almost black variety is a must have for any connoisseur of legendary weed out there. She is the mother of many champions and now you can grow this very hashy plant at home within a very short period of time. 55-60 days of flowering and high resin production, very Indica.

Fruit Tree by Cali Connection isn’t named as she is for nothing. This girl, as you can imagine, shines with an intriguingly sweet and floral flavour that will leave you wanting more. Made from only the best of the best of Californian genetics, she is also an excellent choice for extracts. A dream for cannabis connoisseurs!