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These strains are limited to California only, to view strains that we can ship nationwide, please see our Delta 8 Flower Selection.

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Blueberry Blast (Sativa)

The strength of each strain varies depending on the species of the strain and how it is cultivated. We carry both highly popular strains that are well known in the industry, but also very boutique strains that are carefully designed and crafted by our growers, some that are very rare and difficult to find.

Smoking cannabis is the most common and traditional way to consume marijuana. However, people are exploring other methods such as THC vape pens & cartridges or eating THC edibles.

Top shelf cannabis strains with contactless and discreet delivery. We deliver cannabis products straight to your door. Discover indica, sativa and hybrid products.

Indica strains are shorter in stature, they have broader leaves and shorter flowering cycles. This means you won’t wait as much when growing your own indica strain. Moreover, a colder climate is most efficient at ensuring their optimal growth conditions. However, marijuana growers prefer indica strains for other reasons.

A single-A product sold on our website will have lighter and subtler effects when compared to an AAAA (AKA Quad) weed plant. The latter is much more potent, and it overwhelms your senses instantly. Depending on the THC and CBD levels, the potency of a marijuana plant translates to intense euphoria and energy or a mellow feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Afghani Kush

Therefore, a marijuana strain with more CBD is more likely to result in less intoxicating experiences. The CBD compound will block off the THC’s attempts to activate the CB1 receptor in the endocannabinoid system. This makes it essential for you to choose a strain with the right THC:CBD ratio. Usually, the most potent strains we sell have less than 1% CBD.

Unfortunately, online pre-rolls have a bad reputation around the world because many are of bad quality. Some retailers take advantage of the paper that hides the pre-roll content to insert low-quality weed which you only discover once the product arrives at your door. Manual pre-rolls that people make themselves have a much better reputation by comparison.

Just as there are CBD and THC-dominant strains, those same strains are either indica, sativa, or hybrids. Each group has unique characteristics that make them appealing to different marijuana consumers.

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100mg THC Kiva Milk Chocolate Bars

Sativas are known for their “head high,” an invigorating, energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity & focus.

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