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People use Indica strains for pain relief because they generally have higher CBD concentrations. However, Sativa might be more useful for those who want to avoid the sedated high of Indica but want to medicate during the day. If you still have tasks that you need to accomplish, but you need effective pain-relief, a Sativa variant with a slightly higher CBD concentration might be up your alley. Aside from pain relief, Sativa weed flower can impart other beneficial effects like:

The effects of Sativa consumption are localized in the brain, whereas Indica strains produce effects for the whole body. These mental effects help you feel more motivated and focused. We generally recommend Sativa cannabis for daytime consumption because its energy-boosting capabilities can negatively affect your sleep quality at night. It’s also good to keep in mind that Sativa products with higher THC levels produce an amplified psychoactive effect, which will make you feel spacey and dreamy. While this type of Sativa is excellent for relaxing at home or for social gatherings, it might not be the best choice for precision or focus-driven tasks. For this same reason, new cannabis users should look for Sativa strains with low THC content to gauge their tolerance. Many describe the Sativa high as “euphoric.” Several studies affirm this notion, as they show that THC can boost the body’s serotonin levels – the hormone that stabilizes the mood and imparts feelings of happiness. For many people, it also enhances creativity and encourages deep conversation, making it suitable for artistic endeavors and social gatherings.

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Recreational Benefits

Benefits of Sativa

Sativa is a class of marijuana that many people associate with uplifting the mood and invigorating the mind. Most of the “Sativas” we see in the market today are likely hybrids, so it’s difficult to generalize their effects. However, the usual impact of Sativa-dominant strains is cerebral, which contrasts the body-highs of Indica-dominant varieties. Cannabinoid profiles and concentrations can vary widely by strain, but Sativas, in general, have higher concentrations of THC compared to their Indica cousins. As you may know, THC is the cannabinoid that causes intoxication and euphoria. Sativa strains also typically have lower concentrations of CBD than Indica strains. So, Sativa products might not be the best choice if you need relaxation, stress-relief, and pain management.

Medical Benefits

Sativa plants – which are capable of reaching heights of up to 20 feet – are much taller than Indica plants. The branches of these plants tend to grow upwards and slowly spread out. Sativa buds begin at the nodes and expand along the stem’s length. These flowering bodies might be much bigger than Indica buds, but they are also less dense, so their effects are typically weaker.

At Cheeba’s, we understand that people have different needs. Some want a milder hit of that familiar Sativa high that lets them stay functional throughout the day. In contrast, others might want to go all out and disconnect from the world with a high THC strain. Regardless of your preferences, our Sativa line is only filled with quality buds that we love using ourselves!

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You should know that we have a consistent rotation of strains, so don’t worry if you can’t find your favourite after an initial taste. We make sure you will always find the best Sativas available on our website.

About Sativa plants and leaves, they are taller and slimmer than the Indica strains. They usually require longer to grow and yield fewer flowers than Indicas.

The quality is something crucial for Canna Whole Salers, and we are serious about it. That is why all our Sativa weeds are checked for quality, and we make sure they were properly grown, dried and cured. Our clients can taste and experience the quality, because we make sure it is the best! For a better appreciation of our strains’ quality, we also grade them all from AA to AAAA, it means from the smoothest but tasty to the top-shelf quality with significant effect and rich flavour.

Best Sativa strains in Canada

The major difference between indica and sativa is that Sativa plants take longer to grow and harvest. They generally have a longer flowering cycle as it takes more time for the buds to mature. They may even yield less bud than indica strains.. yet the rewards are well worth it!

Sativa Seeds tend to grow taller, thinner plants that do well out doors in warmer climates with longer summers. The Sativa plant leaves are generally long and narrow with a lighter shade of green.

Many people prefer the sativa high because of it’s uplifting glow and stimulating effects. Sativa’s deliver a more cerebral and thoughtful high, great for brainstorming ideas or to inspire creative expression. Sativa buds have the opposite effect of their Indica counterparts. You are far more likely to chill on the couch with a pure Indica vs Sativa’s much more energetic and social high.

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Our Sativa Cannabis Seeds come in CBD, feminized or regular seeds, as well as autoflowering or photoperiod. We recommend trying a few different types of marijuana seeds to find the best sativa strains and the right fit for you.