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Want to buy CBD in Germany ? Here is our Top 50 of the best CBD shops in Germany ! Is CBD legal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland? As consumers, we are usually not aware of certain regulatory frames that the products we buy need to fit into. Everything from bread to CBD in Germany Many oils, cosmetic products and capsules these days contain a percentage of the non-psychoactive compound CBD . Nonetheless, the understanding that hemp always leads to a

The best CBD shops in Germany

Here is the ranking of the best CBD shops in Germany !

Ranking of CBD shops in Germany – Top 50

You are currently browsing our Top 50 CBD shops en Germany. The stores are currently ordered by fame points.


We are a young CBD company in Germany We love hemp and the products we can create from it

Since September 1st


WeBelieve is the brand for sustainability. We develop our own food, wellness and cosmetic products with our local partner, made from local hemp. We rethink. Regional organic hemp. Natural powers. For your well-being and that of your environment.

Since September 1st

CBDHouse.Shop is your online shop for CBD products. We offer our customers a very large selection with over 200 products and are among the largest CBD shops in Germany. Whether CBD oil, cosmetics, E-Liquid and much more., We have everything!

Since September 1st


Naturecan offers high-quality, secure and effective CBD as well as supplements. Our mission is to help people worldwide through natural alternatives to help lead a healthier, painless and happier life.

Since September 1st


Grin Time ® is a young company, which offers Natural CBD products, in accordance with European legislation.

Since September 1st

CBD Einkaufsladen

CBD shopping shop has a very extensive assortment of different high quality CBD products. Selected and certified manufacturers, best quality at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Since September 1st


In unserem Online CBD Shop Passau bekommst Du naturreine und hochwertige CBD Produkte aus biologischem Hanfanbau. Das Sortiment umfasst CBD Öle in verschiedenen Konzentrationen und Geschmacksrichtungen sowie CBD Kapseln und Sprays. Unsere Prod.

Since September 1st

wullichonline / Natura Vitalis

Il n’existe actuellement pas de meilleurs compléments alimentaires sur le marché. Mais nous ne le disons pas simplement, nous l’avons même officialisé entre-temps, car nous avons été récompensés à plusieurs reprises par des prix correspondants au .

Since September 1st

Fritz – cbd

We like big buds. It’s a personal thing.. Hermann and the whole frtitz team also liking the big buds. It’s all a happiness..

Since September 1st

Fritz – cbd

We like big buds. It’s personal. It is good that hermann is happy and the whole team Fritz.are happy when they have the big buds in their hands. Thank you yes. .

Since September 1st

Hotbox 420

Hotbox 420 is a headshop, we sell the latest most trending products including T-shirts, CBD, bongs, pipes, sheeshas, rolling papers and other related products

Since September 1st


CBD-DEAL24 has the widest range of Premium CBD products. All products on CBD-DEAL24 are certified and selected by internal quality guidelines. At the same time CBD-DEAL24 impresses with an excellent price-performance ratio

Since September 1st


Effective Bio CBD products for the absolute price price. High concentrations with pronounced terpen and cannabinoid profile, mild receptors and large discounts by graduation prices make us one of the most popular suppliers at all

Since September 1st

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Welcome to BUFU Enjoy our fine selection of delicious CBD products. Follow us on Instagram: BUFU_STORE_ORIGINAL Our team is available for your questions at any time under Service @ BUFU-Store ❤️

Since September 1st


Sale of CBD products Vente de Produits CBD

Since September 1st

Tout les articles sont disponibles je vente aussi les articles de collection et de chaudières gaz et autres j’aide aussi les gens pour recevoir un prêt bancaire fiable sécurisée

Since September 1st is an online shop for cannabis products, primarily CBD buds. Our buds come exclusively from EU-licensed hemp plants. All products on adhere to the strict regulations for the sale of cannabis in Germany and can be sold and p.

Since September 1st

Zur Blüte

We offer you only selected, high-quality CBD cannabis blossoms from the team to bloom. The flowers are grown for you both Indoor and Outdoor under strict biological guidelines.

Since September 1st

CBD Nutrition

We are a europe shipper for premium cannabis flowers and hash. All products are below 0,2% THC. Our Flowers and Buds are produced in Austria and we have own Brands and a nice webshop for europe.. Sending packages to Croatia its no problem for us.

Since September 1st

Aragon Premium CBD

Aragon Life Ltd. is a new company under German and Swiss management. We specialize in the development and manufacture of new and innovative Swiss CBD products, making high-quality Premium CBD accessible for everyone.

Since September 1st

Hanf what else

Hello and welcome, at Hemp What Else. Hemp and CBD products for every taste. We test the quality of our goods thoroughly and only work together with worldwide reliable suppliers so they only best Organic quality and certified goods. Hemp What Else.

Since September 1st

Mr. Bud

Our CBD flowers are natural and free of pesticides. Our suppliers do without their own conviction on mineral fertilizers and pesticides. So we can guarantee that our products purely natural and free of any .

Since September 1st


We are the cheapest provider of CBD oils in top quality throughout Europe! Try us and order us today or just look at our shop (bio-hempoil, wide path 69,39218 Schönebeck / Elbe Germany 🙂

Since September 1st

Hempcooltura Online

Hemp farm Top Legal hemp products from the best quality Wholesale and retail CBD CBG Hangete, Pollen, Hash, Kief, Charas, Biomass, Extraction

Since September 1st

Bio Liebe

Here in the north of Germany, an innovative CBD online shop founded in 2020 founded exclusively on full spectrum oils.

Since September 1st

Green Soul CBD

For us, you will find natural pure CBD, hemp and natural products for more well-being and vitality – these help you to bring you back to the track and forget the stress of the big city. #Discover your green soul

Since September 1st

CBD Circle

CBD Circle is a shop for high quality CBD products. Our certified full spectrum oils are organic and vegan. In addition to interesting bundles, we also offer CBD oils for animals (currently dogs and cats).

Since September 1st


Since September 1st


Nachhaltige CBD Produkte zum fairen Preis. Wir bieten ein Vollsortiment an: CBD Blüten, CBD Öl, CBD Liquid, CBD Hasch und vieles mehr!

Is CBD legal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

As consumers, we are usually not aware of certain regulatory frames that the products we buy need to fit into. Everything from bread to nail-polish remover, and to that new smartphone we wanted since it was introduced to market, need to comply with certain regulations. We only start to pay attention when regulations are not straightforward, or when a certain type of a product is not available in the shops in our country – but is available just across the border.

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The story is similar when it comes to cannabis and CBD products. We start to realize that some differences are present from country to country, when CBD products cannot be found in one country, while in another they are on every corner. In some countries we can even find “coffee shops” where cannabis can be smoked freely. Such an example is Amsterdam.

So, let’s take a look at the legal situation of CBD in German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Is CBD legal in Germany and Austria?

Since Germany and Austria are members of the European Union, similar rules apply for both of them. The legal status of CBD products in the EU was already discussed in one of the previous blogs. All the regulations that apply to the EU are automatically obligatory for its Member States. There are just a few minor differences based on domestic laws in each country.

The answer to the question “Is CBD legal in Germany and Austria?” is therefore “YES”. We just need to pay attention to what type of product we would like to buy. In the EU, so in Austria and Germany as well, so-called “Novel food regulation” applies, which only allows the sales of foodstuffs containing CBD under certain special circumstances. CBD-infused cosmetics are legal in Germany and Austria; we just need to pay attention to the source of CBD. It is best if we check in the CosIng database to see whether our source of CBD comes with any restrictions.

THC level in Germany and Austria

When it comes to THC, the general limit for EU countries is 0.2 %. Germany is also applying this limit. Austria, on the other hand, decided to put this limit a little higher, to 0.3 %. However, this applies to hemp plants.

Legal CBD status in Switzerland

Since Switzerland is not an EU member, it does not need to follow EU regulations. The Swiss authorities took a step further when it comes to the legislation about cannabis and CBD, and are far more liberal than most the other European countries.

THC level in Switzerland

In most European countries a THC level of 0.2 % is accepted to distinguish hemp from marijuana. According to Swiss law, this THC level is 1 %. It allows farmers to grow hemp longer, which also results in a higher CBD content in the plant.

Is CBD legal in Switzerland?

CBD products are completely legal in Switzerland. CBD products are freely sold there and can be bought anywhere you can buy tobacco products. The restrictions on buying CBD products are similar to those that apply to alcohol and tobacco products. This means:

  • the legal age to buy CBD products applies; you must be 18 years old
  • it is forbidden to label and/or advertise CBD products as medicines and to claim their health effects
  • the Swiss Authorities advise people not to drive after consuming CBD products.

If in the EU there are only certain types of CBD products available in stores; in Switzerland this is not the case. You can find basically any CBD product there, from CBD oils, pastes, foodstuffs, cosmetics and flowers for smoking (as long as they contain < 1% of THC).

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Since Germany and Austria are members of the EU, we would expect that the same rules apply to both countries. But we see this is not always the case. Austria, for example, adopted a different legal THC level than the rest of the EU. Switzerland, on the other hand, follows its own, far more liberal, rules and is therefore different to the EU countries when it comes to CBD. Basically, what we learned from this blog is that CBD is legal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, just that only some of the rules of course apply in all three countries, like they do for any product on any market.

At Pharmahemp we are rewarding our loyal customers with special offers and launches of new products. You can follow us on our social media and website for all updates. For any questions regarding the manufacturing process, quality control and final products, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

CBD in Germany

Many oils, cosmetic products and capsules these days contain a percentage of the non-psychoactive compound CBD. Nonetheless, the understanding that hemp always leads to a psychoactive effect is prevalent. As opposed to THC, the compound that has a psychoactive effect, CBD is legal and doesn’t make people high. CBD is used in Germany as an additional treatment of many diseases. Reportedly, the side effects of chemotherapy can be successfully reduced through the use of CBD oil.

Additionally, more and more positive statements by migraine patients can be found, who were able to treat their pain legally with CBD. Also, menstrual pain can potentially be treated with Cannabidiol. Users are not limited in their daily activities by the consumption of CBD and do not need to expect any drastic side-effects of CBD. So that CBD can be legally sold in Germany, its THC content may not rise above the level of 0,2%.

At Tom Hemp’s you can rest assured that our CBD oil is legal, as well all other CBD products you can purchase in our online shop. From a legal point of view, CBD oil is legal because it isn’t declared as a narcotic. Cannabidiol in connection with a further consumable good has been classified as a new food item by the EU, which means that CBD oil can be purchased legally.

Nonetheless, while choosing a retailer, quality and safety should be points to look out for. Tom Hemp’s CBD is completely derived from EU-certified industrial hemp. That means you can be certain that all standards are met. We check the THC content of our product to ensure that our CBD remains legal. You can also see the THC content of our products for yourself when looking at the packaging, and further ensure that you can purchase CBD oil legally and hassle-free from us.


Tom Hemp’s is more than just any old brand from the green sphere: we live and breathe CBD in every way. Tom Hemp’s was founded in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood back in 2016, long before CBD became one of the biggest trends in the cosmetics and wellness industries.

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