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butterfly weed plant seed pods

Before you begin to harvest the butterfly weed pods, sterilize your cutting tools. Dip the blades into a full-strength household cleanser, such as Lysol or Pine-Sol. Repeat between cuts to prevent the spread of diseases.

Watch for germination in two to three weeks. Turn off the propagation mat one week after the seeds sprout. Move the pots into a cold frame outdoors or against a south-facing wall with noonday shade.

Butterfly weed and milkweed seed pods may be harvested and planted to support Monarch butterfly caterpillars. Butterfly weed grows well from seeds, which must be harvested in late summer and either sown immediately in the garden, or started in spring after a lengthy chilling process. The seeds are viable and will germinate with little care, although they must be planted at the appropriate depth to ensure successful sprouting.

Prepare peat or other biodegradable pots before removing the butterfly weed seeds from the refrigerator. Fill 3-inch starter pots with a mixture of half seed-starting compost and half coarse sand. Moisten the mix and press it firm.

Place the butterfly weed seeds in a plastic bag filled with 1 cup of moistened perlite. Store the bag inside the refrigerator for three months. Mist the perlite with water every few days to keep it from drying out completely.

Butterfly Weed grows well with other drought tolerant plants that bloom at the same time. Or, choose other nearby companion plants to keep constant blooms all summer.

To deadhead Butterfly Weed, wait until the flower petals begin falling off a bloom. Then, remove the stalk at the first junction of leaves below the bloom.

But, I have had rabbits eat young or tender foliage of Butterfly Weed. They mainly seem to be at risk at the seedling stage, or when first emerging in Spring. But rabbits will eat Butterfly Weed.

Butterfly Weed Uses

Additionally Butterfly Weed is easy to grow from seed. So, by collecting a single pod in the fall you can literally germinate hundreds of plants if you want to!

The sunlight requirements for Butterfly Weed are Full Sun or Partial Sun. Full sun is considered at least six hours per day of direct sunlight. While partial sun is 4-6 hours per day of direct sunlight.

5 – Keep the soil moist. Water only in the morning (if possible).

If you are concerned, the safest solution is to top-dress the plant with compost. Applying a 1-2″ thick ring of compost around the plant will take care of any nutrient deficiencies the plant may be experiencing. If that fails to address the yellow leaves, consider

How deep do you plant the seed? How many seed per area?

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Butterfly weed seeds ready to harvest

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If the milkweed bugs are now on my plants, does that mean the seeds I can see are no good?

Otherwise you can always buy butterfly weed seeds online. Here are some great, quality seeds to get you started… Butterfly Weed Seeds.

Collecting butterfly weed seeds can be messy