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bruce banner weed seeds

I prefer to cultivate BB using the SoG technique. This strain is perfect for it, the flowering time get much shorter.

After years of extensive research, we have got the Bruce banner seeds with the crossing between famous northern OG Kush & fast-acting Strawberry Diesel. These seeds will grow into plants that will be hybrid with distinct candy-like lemon-patrol aroma. The Bruce Banner feminized seeds will grow into plants that will have Strawberry Diesel like aroma & OG Kush like sweet essence due to inheritance. Founder Dark Horse Genetics had initially developed five variants, out of which Bruce Banner #3 variant with big yields has got very popular due to very high potency & hulk-like strength. You will enjoy the flavor & aroma of the strain, making you high without being harsh. Its stunning highs, gigantic yields & enjoyable aroma make it an exciting seed to choose for growing.

My experience with this weed took place in late April 2018. First of all, I liked the secure delivery, very useful. I really wanted to grow this strain. Not my first time but no way for me to do it indoors, so I managed to find a place far away in the woods, a little forest clearing, lonely oak trees or pines on the edge of a meadow. My area is fine if you want to cultivate certain mj types outside, just a bit of additional watering is required. The sprouts grew and once they entered veg I transported them to transplant into soil outdoors. The plants were ready for harvest by mid october. Admittedly not the best results but still good enough given the conditions.

Medical Effects

robinhornblower – March 8, 2020

Brandon S – February 28, 2020

You will love growing Bruce Banner marijuana seeds which will have dark magenta color leaves during the flowering phase. On a first look, the strain will appear like super comic hero Hulk. Lit up by a variety of brilliant and dark green shades, the Bruce Banner strain runs alive, blended in with bold orange pistils that twist a lot among the trichome and resin loaded sugar leaves. All the surfaces of plants will have large trichomes and rounded dense frosted buds. Despite having huge buds, the strain doesn’t taste or smell like a monster does :D.

Thomas L – August 28, 2019

Connoisseurs fortunate enough to get hold of a true BB#3 are in for a treat. Her citrusy, berry flavour is refreshing and smooth like a mouth-watering strawberry smoothie, rounded out with notes of pine and earth. You can also taste some subtle Kush notes when you smoke her.

Just like the mighty green fist from The Hulk, Bruce Banner #3 will smash you in the head with an incredibly powerful effect that is creative, euphoric, and energising. This heavy-hitter will transform you into a superhero. Hulk-smash procrastination and enjoy new levels of inspiration and productivity; Bruce Banner #3 is redefining the meaning of wake and bake!

Bruce Banner #3 is not too difficult to grow, but we wouldn’t necessarily recommend her to new growers. Indoors, the plant normally reaches a height of 120–150cm. She can really benefit from topping early and often to encourage new growth. She makes a particularly good option in a ScrOG, allowing you to max out your yields. Likewise, the strain may need a little longer to mature than a typical OG Kush, taking around 63–70 days to flower—but that’s nothing too unusual for a sativa. Bruce Banner #3 will reward you with exceptional harvests. Indoor yields of 400g/m² and up to 900g/plant outdoors are possible!

Bruce Banner 3 (Zamnesia Seeds) Feminized

The mainly sativa-leaning hybrid (65% sativa) grows into a plant with fluorescent green buds, which occasionally feature purple shades running through them. She will develop compact, spiky nugs with a thick and frosty coat of resin. Manicuring Bruce’s buds is easy since they have few leaves when plucked from their long-running colas. Contrasting the green shades are the orange-coloured pistils that wrap around the buds, giving the plant a beautiful appearance with many shades of green, red, purple, and orange.

Bruce Banner #3 is a massively potent strain that, on average, measures 20% in THC, with some phenos clocking in at 27% for true superhero potency! One hit may be enough for you to feel the strain’s massive amount of cannabinoids rush through your body, smashing lethargy and procrastination with her green fist.

The mighty Bruce Banner #3 already made waves in Colorado, where the strain is so popular that second-rate imitations are making it difficult to find the real deal. Combining potent OG Kush genetics with those of Rez’s famous Strawberry Diesel, it didn’t take long for cannabis enthusiasts to flock to BB#3. Many Cannabis Cup awards soon followed, with 1st place for “Most Potent Strain” at the 2013 HTCC representing just one accolade.

Energising and inspiring, she will make you feel pumped up and ready to take on the world! This is an excellent strain for working and doing all sorts of activities where you want a boost. Better still, she will lift you up to new levels of creativity, while relaxing both the body and mind!

Climate-wise, your Bruce Banner seeds are tolerant of a variety of conditions except for strong heat. Keeping to the 65°F to 82°F range will benefit your plants immensely, especially if you keep humidity levels low.

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As it turns out, rolling up some Bruce Banner does exactly the opposite. Take a hit of the Bruce Banner strain, and you’ll feel it go straight to your eyes, settling behind them right where your third eye might be.

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

Anytime THC levels get as high as they do in Bruce Banner nugs, you can rest assured that anything beyond one hit is for advanced tokers only.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a region with low-humidity warm summers, then your outdoor-grown Bruce Banner seeds will go bonkers, rewarding you with sobriety-crushing levels of THC and a yoked yield at harvest time.

Considering these characteristics, Bruce Banner weed looks like your typical high-end strain, kind of like how Mark Ruffalo looks just like your average dude in The Avengers.

The Best Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds in 2021: