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bringing seeds back from amsterdam to us

Cannabis, both in marijuana and hash form, almost always has a colorful name attached to each individual strain. The best and most scientific minds in the business are constantly coming up with new strains that contain more THC or flower in different colors or taste like something else familiar, so the varieties to choose from can seem infinite. When you are in one of the Amsterdam coffee shops you can test several of them to find the one you like best, both in flavor and the type of high you get.

Still, this isn’t something to be taken lightly, and you may even notice that the Customs people will emphasize the word SEEDS when they ask you if you’ve brought back any meat or weapons or radioactive materials or seeds and so forth.

The advantages of buying seeds at a bank in Amsterdam

I’ve never done it, so I have no experience myself, but I’d imagine that the more reputable seed banks must have a pretty good system of getting these things to their customers, or they’d be out of business in a hurry, or at least they’d refuse to even try a shipment.

Anecdotal evidence on this topic suggests that no one has ever been busted by receiving seeds in the mail. Even in the conservative US, people report that the worst that happens is you get a note in the mail saying an illegal shipment was intercepted and that the case is closed. Sometimes they may send the actual package along with the seeds gone and that note enclosed.

If you are into this as a hobby you should absolutely go into the Cannabis Museum and speak to the people in there to get great tips on all this stuff, and then go next door to the Sensi Seed Bank shop to do your purchasing.

Cash send via post can take up to several weeks. We monitor this daily as soon as payment is received we will update your order and you will receive a status update via email. The status of your order will be updated from pending to processing, you will receive an email update as soon as this is done.

Seeds can stay viable for a very long time, especially if they are stored correctly. One of the best ways to store your seeds is in an airtight, opaque container with a silica package added to keep them dry. You can put it in the refrigerator, but preferably not in the fridge door where the temperature changes significantly every time you open it.

We accept the following payment methods: credit cards, bank transfers, bitcoins/cryptocurrency, and all cash currencies. You can choose which payment method you want to use when you go to check out.

Can I send back my seeds for a refund?

Due to quality control, we cannot accept returned seeds for a refund. Seeds need to be properly stored in order to stay viable. Therefore, we cannot resell the seeds once they have been returned to us as we cannot sell them as guaranteed viable seeds.

We put a lot of time and effort in testing our seeds to make sure that you receive nothing less than premium quality seeds. We guarantee a high germination rate if you follow our instructions in the Grow Guide posted on the website. If you still did not have a good germination rate after following the instructions then please send the ungerminated seeds back to us for testing. Once we have received the ungerminated seeds we will send you a replacement.

If your seeds germinated and then died it can be caused by many reasons, normally too much or too little water or light. Unfortunately, we cannot replace the seeds for every plant that does not make it, there are too many outside factors involved. If you tell us about your germination and growth method we can offer you expert advice on what potentially went wrong so that you can resolve the issue with your next crop.

When you place your order, follow the payment instructions on your screen. A pop-up will appear asking you to enter your 3D Secure code (e-code, password or SMS code). Enter and press submit. Important: do not close the page or go back to the previous page, as this will cancel the payment. Wait until you have received a confirmation.

It is also an option to buy cannabis seeds online from an online seed bank and then have the seeds shipped to you, so long as you are abiding by state law. The risk here is that your package could still be confiscated. While it is unlikely that you would face criminal charges, there is no guarantee because of the way federal law treats marijuana products.

In the United States, cannabis seeds cannot cross state lines because marijuana products are still illegal under federal law. Though rare, transporting the products across state lines could result in federal criminal charges. This is true even if you are purchasing cannabis seeds in a state that authorizes it and entering a state that also authorizes it.

How much you will pay for cannabis seeds depends on the strain of marijuana you buy. Typically, a pack of 10 or 12 seeds starts at around $40. You can expect to pay up to $500 for high-end strains. Again, it is important to only buy cannabis seeds from a legal and reputable seed bank or dispensary — and only if you know you are abiding by state law.

Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds in Other States or Countries?

If you live in a state that permits the sale of marijuana seeds, your best bet is to shop locally for high-quality seeds. This means visiting a dispensary, local farmers market, or seed company in your state to make your purchase. There, you can get the in-person help you need to make your purchase legally.

You shouldn’t have any trouble buying cannabis seeds in another state or country if it’s legal there. It’s bringing the seeds back to your home state that can get you into trouble.

In addition to studying your state’s regulations, you should also join local cannabusiness groups and meet with a local cannabis business attorney for assistance. There is no such thing as going into the marijuana business too prepared. Once you are ready to take the step of legally buying cannabis seeds, you have a few options to choose from.

State law governs if and how you can operate your cannabis growing business, and each state takes a slightly different approach. Your state may offer a large number of permits with few prerequisites, a small number of permits with an extensive application process, or something in between.