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Oregon ranks on the top of some pretty amazing exports and stands famous for pinot noir, hazelnuts, and even craft beer. The new year could bring them to the top of another famous list when it comes to export of marijuana. The state’s legal wee.

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Bonanza Marijuana Seeds

A utoflowering cannabis seeds will grow under any schedule of light, however best results are reported being between 18-20 hours of light and a small amount of time in the dark to allow the plant to rest – from sprouting to harvest

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Super Sour Berry

When buyers with problems did receive emails back, it wasn’t uncommon for the answers to be unhelpful (“Just give it more time” in response to excessively delayed shipping) to downright rude (negative one-word responses made to a buyer inquiring whether seeds could be shipped in disability-friendly packaging instead of the complicated disc package). One customer reported receiving only half of their order and being told by Bonza staff that such a thing was impossible due to the company’s “quality control,” when they brought it up.

Packaging and Stealth

Bonza Seeds shipped all seed orders in disc-shaped containers designed to keep seeds safe and secure during transit. However, many patrons found this packaging cumbersome, puzzling, and physically difficult to open – especially for those with limited dexterity. Despite the difficult packaging and expensive international handling fees Bonza Seeds often tacked on, it still was not uncommon for orders from this seed bank to be intercepted at customs.

Bonza Seeds is no longer operating and is now owned by ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana).

Some buyers were unpleasantly surprised to find a “currency conversion fee” tacked onto their order, post-checkout. Sometimes these conversions bore strange and unnecessary-sounding billing descriptions, such as Chinese yen conversion – for a United States buyer purchasing directly from the British Bonza Seeds.