Best Marijuana Seed Banks

The most important cannabis seed banks are based in Europe, especially in Netherlands and Spain. You can find regular and feminized seeds. There are many different cannabis seed banks out there, so which one to choose? Check out our list of best seed banks, ranked by popularity. More than 100 banks of feminized marijuana seeds, autoflowering, etc. from Californian, Dutch, Canadian or Spanish banks.

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks in the World

Most of the biggest cannabis seed banks are based in Europe. There are seed banks in the US, but the biggest ones are from Europe. Although it is illegal to buy marijuana for germination and growing, it is not illegal if you buy them as a souvenir. Therefore, all marijuana seeds are shipped as souvenirs from Europe to the US. Here we give you a list of top cannabis seed banks where you can find all types of cannabis seeds.

Barney’s Farm in the Netherlands

This cannabis seed bank is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The founder of Barney’s Farm started cultivating cannabis in Asia and he returned to the Netherlands in 1992. This is one of the most famous cannabis seed banks in the world and you can find many different types of seeds, including feminized cannabis seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, high CBD strains.

Barney’s Farm has produced some of the world’s most popular varieties of marijuana. They have won the Cannabis Cup and Indica/Sativa Cups with G13 Haze, Liberty Haze, Amnesia Haze, Willie Nelson, Cookies Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream and Critical Kush.

Serious Seeds

This is another cannabis seed bank from the Netherlands. It was founded in 1994 and you can find all sorts of cannabis strains from many different cannabis Indica, Sativa, hybrids, and autoflowering. Serious Seeds has many award-winning cannabis seeds such as, AK-47, Biddy Early, Bubble Gum, Chronic, Double Dutch, Kali Mist, Motavation, Serious 6, Serious Happiness, Serious Kush, Warlock and White Russian.

Royal Queen Seeds

This is one of the most famous cannabis bank seeds. They are located in Barcelona, Spain and you can find here all kind of cannabis seeds, from autoflowering seeds to CBD, feminized seeds, and regular cannabis seeds. Royal Queen Seeds is one of the most important and fastest growing seed banks in Europe.

Royal Queen Seeds won the prize as the best seedbank in 2019.


Dinafem is a cannabis seed bank located in San Sebastián, in northern Spain. The specialize in creating high-quality feminized seeds. They also have autoflowering seeds (crossbreeds with cannabis Ruderalis) and CBD-rich cannabis seeds. In addition, Dinafem sells cannabis seeds from other seed banks as well.

Dinafem has over 15 years of experience and is one of the most famous cannabis seed banks in Europe. Moreover, they have a wide selection of quick cannabis seeds. In short, an innovative line comprising photo-dependent strains whose flowering is a week faster than normal seeds.

Greenhouse Seeds

Another seedbank from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Greenhouse Seeds is also known for being a famous coffee shop in Amsterdam. They also have regular, feminized, autoflowering, CBD-rich, Sativa and Indica dominant seeds. They also have a category for US genetics.

Sweet Seeds

This is a cannabis seed bank from Valencia, Spain. They have photoperiod dependent seeds, fast photoperiod dependent, autoflowering, CBD-rich strains and USA strains. This cannabis seedbank has won multiple prizes. With more than 15 years of experience, Sweet Seeds is one of the most important cannabis seedbanks in Europe.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is another seedbank headquartered in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. It is one of the world’s oldest cannabis seedbanks. Dutch Passion has years of breeding experience and is one of the cannabis community’s most respected seedbanks. Additionally, they assert that they invented the feminized cannabis seed. Dutch Passion’s current breeding program is built on vintage cannabis strains, and they continue to offer a variety of cannabis classics. Additionally, they provide newer varieties of cannabis seeds, both standard and feminized. When it comes to Dutch Passion, refinement and high-quality genes are paramount.

Seedsman Seeds

Another seed bank based in Spain! Seedsman Seeds is based in Barcelona, Spain and they are considered a long-trusted cannabis seed bank. Seedsman Seeds has their own cannabis seed collection. In addition, you can find a wide range of cannabis feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering, high THC strains and high CBD ones.

DNA Genetics

Another cannabis seed bank is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. According to DNA Genetics, “DNA Genetics is known in the industry for creating and selecting the very best medicinal cannabis seeds”. In addition, they have won more than 200 awards in many categories. Their most famous strains are L.A Confidential, Chocolope, Holy Grail Kush, Kosher Kush, and Tangie.

Sensi Seeds

From Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sensi Seeds is a reputable cannabis seed bank. Sensi Seeds was founded in 1985, which makes it one of the oldest seed banks. They define themselves as the largest cannabis seed bank in the world.

Sensi Seeds have feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering, outdoor seeds and even seeds designed for novices.

Cannabis Seed Banks

In Europe, particularly in the Netherlands and Spain, cannabis seeds are the most important source of revenue for growers. These seeds might be packaged and delivered to the United States as souvenirs. Aside from that, you may buy a broad variety of seeds, ranging from ordinary seeds to feminized and autoflowering seeds.

This post was originally published on September 16, 2020. It was most recently updated on August 31, 2021.

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks


When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, making sure you get the best genetics possible is essential if you want to get the most out of your plant. A great way to ensure this is to look at the reputation of the seedbank you are buying from, because if anything is an indication of quality, it is happy customers. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the top 10 best selling seedbanks here at Zativo – chosen by growers for growers.


  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 41 cannabis strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Barney’s Farm are feminized
  • Available in packaging of 3, 5 and 10 seeds

Barney’s Farm has a reputation as one of the most highly regarded seed banks around. They are well known for their love of experimentation with high-quality genetics and have consistently produced strain after strain of top-shelf cannabis. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Barney’s Farm are at the very heart of cannabis culture and have pretty much been there from the start. All throughout the eighties, the breeders of Barney’s Farm travelled the world, collecting and cataloguing a whole array of the best cannabis strains available, ready to be bred back home. It resulted in the foundations from which they grew to fame, using their unique breeding skills to hone and meld all kinds of captivating strains. Barney’s Farm still scours the world for new and exciting landrace strains to make a part of their seed catalogue and use to breed the next generation of high-quality cannabis seeds. And the proof is out there, Barney’s Farm cannabis strains are some of the most award winning strains around – often winning a High Times Cannabis Cup every year.

Go to the complete catalogue of Barney’s Farm.


  • From Barcelona, Spain
  • 58 cannabis strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds are feminized
  • Available in packaging of 1, 3, 5 and 10 seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is a seed bank that prides itself on its stringent quality control and advanced breeding methods. You can rest assured that the seeds from RQS are always the best they can be, and the people agree – Royal Queen Seeds is now one of the fastest growing seed banks here in Europe. With over 20 years of experience breeding cannabis seeds, Royal Queen Seeds has proven their worth, not only with their popularity among our customers, but also with the awards they have won, picking up prizes at many different Award shows. Also, for Royal Queen Seeds, it’s not all just about THC; they have taken their reputation for high-quality genetics and applied it to the creation of some unique and award winning CBD rich strains, cementing themselves in the market for some of the best CBD cannabis strains available.

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Go to the complete catalogue of Royal Queen Seeds.


  • From San Sebastian, Spain
  • 62 cannabis strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Dinafem are feminized
  • Available in packaging of 1, 3, 5 and 10 seeds

Dinafem is a Spanish cannabis seed bank made up of likeminded breeders who came together to share their experience and unique cannabis genetics with the world. They became the first Spanish seed bank to dedicate themselves to producing some of the best feminized varieties of cannabis around. It has skyrocketed them into the big leagues, especially amongst their Spanish fans, who have welcomed feminized varieties of cannabis seeds with open arms. While Dinafem may not have the marketing presence of some of the larger players in the cannabis seed market, their seeds tend to do the speaking for them – and it has something our customers have recognised, with Dinafem being our fourth most popular seed bank here at Zativo. They have well and truly consolidated their place in the market and have become synonymous with high-quality cannabis seed genetics.

Go to the complete catalogue of Dinafem.


  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 53 cannabis strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Greenhouse Seeds are feminized
  • Available in packaging of 3, 5 and 10 seeds

Greenhouse Seeds are one of the big players in the cannabis seed market, and consistently produce best-selling cannabis strains. They are well known for their huge coffeeshop that acts as their base in Amsterdam, and it draws tourists in from across the globe, wanting to sample some of the delights this seed bank has on offer. Arjan, the founder of the company, has dedicated years of his life to hunting down unique and localised landrace strains from across the globe – finding the gems hidden in the rough – and making them a part of the Greenhouse name. Their efforts to produce world-renowned strains pays off, as they have continued to win award after award, year after year, for the many strains of cannabis seeds they produce.

Go to the complete catalogue of Greenhouse Seeds.


  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 64 cannabis strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion are feminized
  • Available in packaging of 3, 5, 7 and 10 seeds

As the name suggests, Dutch Passion has its roots deep within the Dutch cannabis scene. It is one of the oldest cannabis seed banks on the planet, and as such, has years of breeding experience to draw upon. They are one of the ancient giants of the cannabis community, and even claim to have invented the feminized cannabis seed. With such a reputation, it is easy to see why they are so popular with our customers, and deserving of a place in our top 10 best cannabis seed bank list. The actual breeding of Dutch Passion is based on old-school genetics, and they continue to offer tried and true classics, as well as newer varieties in both regular and feminized versions – meeting every grower’s needs. When it comes to Dutch Passion, it is all about refinement and masterwork genetics – you can’t go wrong.

Go to the complete catalogue of Dutch Passion.


  • From Valencia, Spain
  • 56 cannabis strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Sweet Seeds are feminized
  • Available in packaging of 3 and 5 seeds

According to Sweet Seeds, cannabis is a gift of nature that everyone across the globe should be able to enjoy. As such, they have dedicated themselves to collecting and personally sampling the many cannabis strains out there. Only then, once they have found something they like, will they consider breeding – name and pedigree doesn’t matter when it comes to deciding what to breed next, it is all about their personal experience with a plant. It has led to a unique style of breeding, but one that is immensely popular with growers everywhere. And it doesn’t stop there, what makes Sweets Seeds one of the best seed banks out there, and so popular with our customers, is that they listen to the feedback growers give them about their seeds, and use it to shape the future path of their genetics.

Go to the complete catalogue of Sweet Seeds.


  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 17 cannabis strains
  • Sensi Seeds has feminized, but also some regular seeds in their catalogue
  • Available in packaging of 3, 5, 10 and 25 seeds

Sensi Seeds don’t see themselves as just a seed bank, but as a responsible member of the cannabis community, and a source of education about the true effects and applications of cannabis. It is a philosophy that is woven into the very fabric of the company itself, and has helped shape them over the decades they have been producing high-quality cannabis seeds. In addition to dedicating their time to breeding to more traditional strains, Sensi Seeds have put a lot of effort into ensuring they have a variety of strains suitable for medical users. The reputation as an activist seed bank means they bring all of their passion into their breeding, as they try to uncover the many hidden secrets cannabis has to offer. One thing is for sure, this passion for all things cannabis guarantees a gold standard of genetics, which has ultimately seen them shoot to fame as growers across the world flock to their banner.

Go to the complete catalogue of Sensi Seeds.


  • From Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 35 cannabis strains
  • All cannabis seeds from DNA Genetics are feminized
  • Available in packaging of 3 and 6 seeds

Featuring in the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame, DNA Genetics are the only seed bank ever to have won every single type of award presented at the High Times Cannabis Cup – one of the most prestigious cannabis award events on the planet. As such, they are quite rightly seen as one of the best cannabis seed banks around, and a heavy weight of the market. DNA Genetics actually started life as a Californian-based seed bank back in the eighties, but later moved to Amsterdam in 2002 to take advantage of the more cannabis friendly environment. It was a move that helped bring the best of American cannabis genetics right into the centre of the European cannabis scene, using their expertise and fresh take on certain strains to help shape the wider market as a whole.

Go to the complete catalogue of DNA Genetics.


  • From Barcelona, Spain
  • 37 cannabis strains
  • All cannabis seeds from Pyramid Seeds are feminized
  • Available in packaging of 1, 3 and 5 seeds

Pyramid Seeds focuses on producing potent, high yielding and easy to grow feminized cannabis seeds. This one-track goal has led the seed bank to pour all its resources and knowledge into the breeding of some of the strongest bud around, and when paired with the fact all of their strains are easy to grow, has led to Pyramid Seed enjoying a surge of popularity over the last few years. The quality of their cannabis is such that they have managed to bag awards at the Spannabis Cup – Spain’s largest cannabis awards event. This approachability is popular with novices and veterans alike, with novices finding Pyramid Seeds’ range a great high-quality tool to learn with, while veterans enjoy the ease with which they can be subjected to advanced growing techniques. Pyramid Seeds is all about easy cultivation and using world-class genetics to achieve it.

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Go to the complete catalogue of Pyramid Seeds.


  • From Purmerend, The Netherlands
  • 11 cannabis strains
  • Available in packaging of 6 feminized seeds and 11 regular seeds

Serious Seeds is another old-school titan that has been around since the beginning. Long-established in The Netherlands, Serious Seeds have spent the last few decades dedicating their time to perfecting and honing some of the most radical and consistently excellent cannabis strains available. As the name suggests, they are extremely serious about cannabis and pride themselves on the stable, reliable, and uniform nature of their plants. In fact, they are so keen to ensure their cannabis is the best it can be, they are the only seed bank to individually number their packets, so they can trace the entire life and batch of any seed sold under their brand. When it comes to producing some of the best cannabis seeds around, there are none more serious about it than Serious Seeds.

Marijuana seed banks

PevGrow presents the new BSF Seeds bank. Its name, acronym for Bigger, Stronger, Faster clearly states the 3 basic pillars on which this seed bank is based.





CBD Botanic is a Spanish seed bank, made up of genuine professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field, specialised in the creation of varieties rich in CBD


The Dawg Star seed bank is the first facility in Seattle (USA) licensed for cannabis cultivation and seed production.













Great selection of the fastest cannabis seeds on the market, genetics with an ultra-fast flowering cycle, the fastest and most commercial plants.







Gold Leaf Gardens is an American breeder which produces marijuana seeds from organic crops, in hand-prepared soils provided with abundant microbial life.













PEV Grow is proud to distribute the large seed bank marijuana, we share common values and work of cannabis seeds with professionalism.











Phat Panda is a US cannabis producer operating in a multi-storey industrial building totalling 30,000 square metres.





Purple City Genetics seed bank’s cannabis seed catalogue is here. Pure quality!




















Find all Super Sativa Seed Club’s feminized seeds here at PEVGrow. Discover all its feminized varieties at the best price online.













Western Cultured Seeds has four varieties, different in flavor and scent: spiced, sour, sweet and earthy.




The best marijuana seed banks from all over the world are gathered in this category. The best known brands both in America and Europe can be found here with the best quality/price ratio on the market.

What is a cannabis seed bank?

The definition of a cannabis seed bank would be something like the companies that are in charge of creating, maintaining, and preserving cannabis genetics. Cannabis strains are maintained in seed form, as mother plants, and lately also as tissues for in vitro culture.

There are many types of marijuana seeds for sale banks, although right now the most widespread are feminized seed banks, but originally there were only regular strains. There are also banks of autoflowering, and for some years now there have also appeared some that are dedicated exclusively to medicinal strains containing low levels of THC.

How to create a seed bank?

The most important thing is genetics, that is to say, the collection of mother plants or seeds of varieties that we have to be able to create our own strains. The ideal is to be able to have enough space to be able to keep as many different selected specimens as possible, and to be able to do tests in different media and environments.

Most seedbanks nowadays work with elite clones, which they cross with each other in multiple combinations until they find something worth publishing. In this case it is enough to have a mother room and a flowering room to test crosses, and although the offspring are not usually homogeneous, right now most of the best selling seeds come from mixtures like this.

The first commercial seed banks worked with pure strains, which they improved over several generations. Later they crossed them with others and that’s how the first hybrids and polyhybrids came out, but right now there are very few that continue to work like this, especially because of the infrastructure needed.

Which are the best cannabis seed banks?

For some people the best banks are the most prestigious or the oldest, but it must be said that although some continue to improve their genetics, in many cases these seeds have nothing to do with what they were a few years ago.

It is also true that during the last few years a few seed banks have appeared on the scene that little by little have been placed among the favourites for growers, so let’s divide the best banks by country.

Best Spanish seed banks

  • Sweet Seeds: After the fall of Dinafem, Sweet Seeds has become the best selling Spanish seedbank worldwide. They specialised in the creation of feminized seeds, and later continued with autoflowering, fast version, rich in CBD, and triumphed with their “Red Family”.
  • PEV Seeds: The Spanish marijuana seed bank that has grown internationally in the last five years. They work with several breeders who accumulate a lot of experience in the sector, and thanks to their Californian connection they have access to the best original American clones of today.
  • .
  • Ripper Seeds: Very professional team that has earned the respect of the industry thanks to the quality of their genetics and their sincerity. They do not work autoflowering or varieties rich in cannabinoids other than THC, they combine elite clones and crosses that work are published, and those that do not are sold as limited edition.
  • Positronics: The legendary Wernard Bruining selected a great team of Spanish breeders and producers, each dedicated to their specific area, and the fruits came quickly. This bank was one of those chosen by the government of Uruguay to serve legal marijuana in pharmacies in that country.
  • Medical Seeds: Although this brand originally only made feminized seeds of THC-rich, photodependent strains, they’ve eventually converted to offer autoflowering, regular seeds, CBD-rich strains, and even have some that produce almost no THC at all. Specialists in Haze genetics.
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Best Californian seedbanks

  • DNA Genetics: One of the most demanded seed banks worldwide at the moment. In its beginnings they specialized in OG and Sour genetics, but now they have a huge catalogue thanks to their collaborations with Crocketts or Reserva Privada among others.
  • DNA Genetics: One of the most demanded seedbanks worldwide right now.
  • Seed Junky Genetics: They are part of the Cookie Fam, the collective that has released more champion seeds during the last decade. Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake, or Runtz are just a few examples of the many strains that came out of their lab and today are grown all over the world. .
  • Purple City Genetics: They started out as a clone nursery, but from the moment they started crossing their elite genetics, the hits started coming. Right now they sell their seeds all over the world, mostly feminized, but now they also offer autoflowering.
  • The Cali Connection: They have been offering the best California genetics in regular, feminized and now also high CBD versions for over a decade. They know the OG Kush family like no one else, and have won many awards for the high quality of their work.
  • Emerald Triangle Seeds: Although they have been breeders for over 20 years, their fame has grown considerably in recent years. Their Trinity Kush is already a classic, although now they are more dedicated to working with other cannabinoids such as CBD or CBG. .

Best Dutch seed banks

  • Sensi Seeds: The world’s longest-running seed bank, with more than 30 years of non-stop operation. In their team there have been breeders like Neville Shoenmakers or Simon from Serious Seeds among others, and some of their seeds are mythical, like Jack Herer, Silver Haze, or Northern Lights#5 x Haze. .
  • Green House Seeds: They started as a coffeeshop that won many awards thanks to the quality of their menu, so they decided to start offering their genetics in seed form. In the 90’s they swept the world with White Widow, Great White Shark, or Super Silver Haze from the Shantibaba/Neville duo.
  • Royal Queen Seeds: The rise of this Dutch seed bank has been meteoric, and is now one of the biggest sellers on the planet. They work with many growers from various countries, so they have feminized seeds of all kinds, autoflowering, rich in CBD, CBG, or CBDV, and since recently they also have regular seeds. .
  • Dutch Passion: Another classic seedbank, the second oldest, and the one that has been working with feminized seeds for the longest time. They always try to be trendy, that’s why they were also one of the first to offer CBD, CBD, THCV, or CBDV seeds, but you still remember the blue line created by DJ Short.
  • Dutch Passion: Another classic seedbank, second longest running, and the longest working with feminized strains.
  • Barney’s Farm: This brand has ousted other older Dutch banks thanks to the American genetics incorporated in its catalogue, which have become some of the best sellers on the market. Since recently also offers regular seeds, so it has all formats. .

Seedbanks recommended for beginners

One of the many mistakes we make when we start to grow, is to think that by spending more on seeds we will get better results. There is no point spending 200 euros on seeds if we do not have clear the basics of cultivation, so there are some brands that for the price and resistance of their seeds can be the most recommended banks for inexperienced growers, and these are for us the 5 best:

  1. Spain Bulk Seeds: You will not find better value for money, and have some of the most recommended varieties for beginners of all time, as the Northern Lights, which buying 10 seeds you get 3 € per unit. They also have a great collection of autos, the easiest for beginners.
  2. Seed Stockers: Very good prices in a growing collection, where you can find some very resistant genetics like Super Skunk, which always gives good results, even with inexperienced growers. Another bank that proves that quality doesn’t have to be expensive.
  3. Nirvana: This seedbank was one of the first to offer commercial seeds at low cost. In their catalogue there are some very easy to grow plants, like Master Kush or Aurora Indica, that although they are no longer in fashion, they are perfect for novice growers.
  4. Nirvana: This seedbank was one of the first to offer low cost commercial seeds.
  5. Female Seeds: It is not one of the seed banks that every year presents 10 new varieties, but all of them can boast of being among the best in terms of quality/price ratio is concerned. Easy Sativa or Skunk Special are very resistant and easy to grow strains.
  6. White Label: It is the white label of Sensi Seeds, and in it you can find some seeds that are recommended for beginners, such as Skunk#1 or Purple Bud, which withstand stress and hazing very well, in addition to leaving a really interesting price.

Frequently asked questions about marijuana seed banks

Which is the best seed bank in the world?

Possibly the best in history is Sensi Seeds, for being the longest running, for the amount of genetics that has gathered, and breeders who have worked. But for some years it has been in the doldrums, and for this reason many people consider better the Swiss bank Mr. Nice Seedbank, which brought together in its ranks 2 of the best breeders of all time, as well as a genetic collection of more than 40 years. However Mr. Nice does not sell feminized or autoflowering, so it was somewhat obsolete with respect to the current cannabis demand, so it is possible that the best seed bank in the world today is DNA Genetics or Dutch Passion, although for us the best is undoubtedly PEV Seeds.

What is the purpose of seed banks?

The main mission is to preserve, collect, and offer cannabis genetics in seed form. The most serious seed banks maintain a collection of mother plants for many years, specimens that are kept in vegetative growth and multiplied through cuttings, which are the ones that are crossed with other strains to create new seeds. The best seed banks know all their mother or father plants inside out, and know the traits they pass on to the offspring, so they can imagine the result of a combination of genes before they do so.

How many seed banks are there in the world today?

Right now there are more than 300 marijuana seed banks around the world, although the truth is that only 10% of the total are the ones that take more than 90% of total sales, so you can say that there are about 30 brands that concentrate the vast majority of the current market.

Where to buy the best marijuana seed banks?

Look no further, because if your intention was to find the best seeds at the most competitive price, you’re in the right place. In this same category you have at your disposal the most careful selection of cannabis seed banks from around the world, and here you will get the friendliest treatment, the most reliable service, and something you will not find elsewhere, the 100-day satisfaction guarantee, think about it.

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