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best autoflower seed bank

The good thing about them is that they have a group of over 3,000 specialty cannabis seeds. The company collects from 65 sperm banks around the world. So when you shop with Seedsman you cannot only buy their seeds but also buy those from different growers.

The costs for Gorilla seeds are excellent, even without taking into account the free seeds you get as part of each order and the free delivery they offer. They sell high quality and most popular seeds at costs that are up to 30% lower than that of authentic growers. Pay them with bitcoin, debit or credit, cash or wire transfers, and you’ll be ready to have your marijuana seeds right at home.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

A: In parts of the United States, there is a huge thriving cannabis market, and American breeders are growing world-famous cannabis strains. The issue has to do with the US federal government and the current legal status of cannabis. Marijuana and its derivatives (including seeds) are counted as a Schedule 1 drug with little or no legal use, making it difficult, if not impossible, for a seed bank to operate in the United States, as it does in the United States, the Netherlands, Spain or Canada (which have legal loopholes or full legalization).

You can buy marijuana seeds online with no concern about their stealth service program. They will cleverly hide the seeds in things like very ordinary CDs, birthday cards, and the like. It will be tracked along with your order so you know exactly when it will arrive too. You will experience high-quality strains ideal for recreational and medicinal uses.

Seedsman, a UK-based seed bank, is widely recognized as the most trusted seed bank founded in 2003. Since then she has been a well-known supplier in the high-quality seeds market. These are some of the best seeds on the internet banks that deliver seeds to the United States.

What could be the better option when you need flavorful punch and high yields! The flavor of this excellent weed will tempt you to keep enjoying its fruity, cherry, and skunky undertones with every puff of your blunt.

This strain is one heck of a knockout weed known to the cannabis community. If you look for that hardcore buzz, this is the strain for you that boasts all those power punch effects.

So, before any further ado, let’s start reviewing the top 10 best autoflower strains.


You will get to harvest its sticky, resin-encrusted flowers in just 6-8 weeks! The plant produces around 200-300 grams of buds per square meter. Having pink buds and bright green leaves, it’s one of the most beautiful-looking strains out there.

Many people recognize Gorilla Glue as the strongest weed of all time! Gorilla Glue strain holds nearly 28% THC content in its sticky buds. Moreover, it won the Cannabis Cup and the Jamaican World Cup for its potency.

This plant looks way beautiful with its white trichrome crystals and orange hairs. Moreover, it is easy to grow for novice growers. The origin of White Widow Auto is in Spain. You can have 250g worth of buds indoors and around 150g of buds outdoors.

You can grow Purple Stilton Auto indoors, outdoors, and in a Greenhouse setup. Upon 60-80 days of flowering , your plant will receive buds with purple hues. These buds look even more beautiful and purplish in a nighttime temperature!

Northern Light is another old-school legend that has been revitalised in an autoflowering form. This time, it is Royal Queen Seeds who have stepped up, and secured a place among the best-selling autoflowering cannabis seeds here at Zativo. Made from combining an original Northern Light x Ruderalis, this indica dominant strain has all of the power and flavour of its parent. Producing a succulent and sweet smoke, Northern Light relaxes the body with its classic and cherished body stone – easing the aches of the day away. She is able to go from seed to harvest in 9-10 weeks, grows up to 1.2m high, and can produce roughly 200 grams of this potent bud when in optimal conditions. This well-rounded nature will suit both novices and veterans alike, as everyone can get decent results from her, while veterans will be able to truly push her to the limit.

Every stoner out there has heard of the illustrious White Widow; it is an old-school legend that remains as popular in the coffee shops of Amsterdam today as it was back 20 years ago. Well, in order to help bring White Widow to the auto scene, Pyramid Seeds have created their very own Auto White Widow. Created from the mix of White Widow x Ruderalis, Auto White Widow stays as true to form as it possibly can. She has a sweet, yet earthy flavour, and is able to induce a mind-bendingly potent high – expect to be uplifted as your body is soothed and massaged. In terms of growing traits, Auto White Widow reaches heights of up to 1.2 m, and is able to produce 500 grams of prime bud in as little as 8-9 weeks. It is a tried and true classic, and easily deserving of the place it gets on this list of best autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering cannabis is all about reliable and fast turnarounds of some prime bud. Unlike traditional cannabis strains, autoflowering seeds flower with age, instead of changing light cycles. Autoflowering cannabis plants usually complete their life cycle in an average of 9-12 weeks. This means outdoor growers can get multiple harvests a year. Also, autoflowering plants tend to grow a bit shorter than the traditional sativa and indica strains. This makes them ideal for growing in small spaces or where stealth is an issue. Understandably, this much more hands-off automatic approach has become extremely popular, especially among hobby growers looking to produce a small, quick personal stash. To help figure out which strain is best for you, we have put together a list of the top 10 best-selling autoflowering cannabis seeds here at Zativo, ranked by popularity, so check ‘m out!


AutoUltimate is one of the flagship strains of the automatic Dutch Passion catalogue. It is an extremely popular variety with a lot to offer. It is no wonder then that our customers love it so much. She is the auto version of Dutch Passion’s “The Ultimate,” and was produced by breeding The Ultimate with the infamous AutoMazar. The result is a well-balanced goddess that combines consistency, quality and yields. She produces an intense citrusy aroma that is both fresh and clean; this rolls over into her taste, which adds a little bit of dank goodness to the mix. Being from a prestigious background, AutoUltimate has a very potent high, and is able to seep throughout your entire being in no time at all. As she grows, AutoUltimate produces very tight and compact bud, and reaches heights of around 1m. She is able to go from seed to harvest in 10 weeks.

As the name suggests, Moby Dick Autoflowering is Dinafem’s autoflowering version of their legendary strain, Moby Dick. It was through the crossing of Haze Auto x White Widow Autoflowering that the breeders of this renowned seed bank were able to produce this stable strain. Moby Dick Autoflowering produces a distinct flavour; a mingling of lemon, cedar, incense and Haze. The high induced in one of cerebral power, uplifting the mind with intense and long lasting energy – perfect for staying motivated or unburdening the mind. The world-class genetics behind Moby Dick Autoflowering means that she is not only a beautiful plant to behold, but she is also easy to grow and develops with a strong vigour. Moby Dick Autoflowering can reach heights of up to 1.3m and is able to produce yields of up to 230 grams per plant, depending on how she is grown. She goes from seed to harvest in 10-11 weeks, which may be a little long for an autoflowering strain, but still a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things – and it is well worth it, as the bud she produces is completely soaked in resin.

Pineapple Express Auto is a strain that has captured the hearts of stoners across the globe. It is synonymous with great quality and a connoisseur level smoke. This great autoflowering version of Pineapple Chunk by Barney’s Farm is no different and maintains all of the loved characteristics found in the original. Made by mixing the award winning Pineapple Chunk with Ruderalis, Pineapple Express Auto has a distinct fruity flavour and indica dominant high. It seeps throughout the body, completely relaxing it as it soothes the mind. She is the perfect chill strain, and great for lazy days with friends. She is a very compact plant, and only reaches heights of around 50cm. Despite this, she is able to produce yields of up to 400 grams per square metre, and goes from seed to harvest in just 9-10 weeks. There is a lot to love here!

A blend of Critical Mass x reversed Big Buddha’s Automatic, Critical Mass Automatic brings a lot to the table. Big Buddha Seeds have gained a reputation for producing top-shelf genetics, and this new strain is no different. Critical Mass Automatic is all about big yields and lightning fast times. Her taste and aroma are both sharp and sweet, with classic dank and spicy undertones. The high induced, being indica oriented, sinks the body into a super stoned effect, completely melting tension away with its long lasting high. Critical Mass Automatic is an extremely easy to grow strain, which is both forgiving and vigorous in growth. As such, she offers a lot of versatility to the more experienced grower looking to practice advanced techniques, as well as the novice who may be prone to mistakes. Critical Mass Automatic goes from seed to harvest in around 9-11 weeks.