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best auto seeds

OG Kush weed is very easy to grow at your home if you have a compact place. The highest it can reach is up to 1 meter only! Moreover, you can also get a good amount of buds, nearly 400 grams per square meter, in your small plant.

Fused between the original Chemdog clone and Auto #1, Auto Chemdog Feminized is one of the most potent strains in the True North seed bank’s top-shelf collection. The ideal balance of Sativa and Indica will leave you stoned with its hard-hitting head high .


Upon smoking this strain, these potent Glue buds can help you relax after an exhausting day. Along with that, this heavy-hitter can also produce sedative effects, making you feel calm and worry-free.

Purple Stilton is crossed between Blue Cheese, Purple #1, Auto #1, and Ruderalis. All these fantastic strains are blended to produce a classic body stone.

Pineapple Express Auto is an Indica-dominant strain that produces 200 grams of yield per square meter outdoors and 100 grams of yield per plant indoors. On a positive note, this autoflower remains short in height, around 100 cm only, making it one of the best weed plants to grow indoors.

After establishing your favourite autoflowering cannabis strains, you’ve mastered cultivating them over several growing seasons. Do you feel like it’s time for something new? If so, check out our best autoflowering cultivars of 2021. These new-school genetics offer huge levels of THC, branch-bending yields, and mouth-watering terpene profiles.

Autoflowering cannabis strains are renowned for their resilience, speed, and overall ease. These traits make them ideal for beginners, experienced growers seeking an easy stash, and those seeking to optimise turnover.

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Not long ago, some growers would turn up their noses at those who chose to grow autoflowers. The reason behind this is that early autos simply couldn’t match the yield, potency, and flavour of photoperiodic strains. Today, no one would dare say anything bad about Royal Gorilla Automatic, a dank auto that is more than deserving of the spotlight. This uber-potent lady from the US West Coast is a cross of Royal Gorilla, Royal Cookies, and ruderalis. She has been finely tuned for exceptional performance, beastly potency, and top resin production. Not to mention, she delivers up to 400g/m² of dense bud indoors—all within a short 8–10 weeks from seed.

Many growers previously associated autos with low-grade weed, and viewed their speed as a trade-off for potency. However, innovative breeders have created a new wave of strains that boast rapid flowering times alongside THC and CBD levels—not to mention flavours—that rival many photoperiod strains.

Autoflowering cultivars are predisposed to flower based on age, as opposed to a change in the light cycle. Most varieties surge from seed to harvest in 8–10 weeks and reach a small to medium height that makes them easy to manage and conceal.

In a market place so heavily dominated by numbers and statistics, many people are in search of the most potent Cannabis the planet has to offer, especially if you smoke a lot.

Gorilla Cookies produces extremely dense and potent buds, it develops several side branches that end up completely enveloped in silver-coated chunky buds. She grows bushy and stout, reaching up to 100cm and producing around 600gr/m 2 in around 10 weeks.

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1. Gorilla Cookies Auto – 27% THC

Based on our selection of 10 strongest autoflowers now you should be definitely ready to decide on which one suits your needs this year.

A Cali strain bred to perfection and now in auto version for those who love potent effects and unique terpene profiles, a must-try for all cannabis consumers.

Not only is she a commercial grower’s dream, but she’s perfectly suited for beginner growers thanks to her easiness to grow and low maintenance. A truly majestic plant that when flowering will display a multitude of colors ranging from vibrant greens to golden orange, and totally covered in trichomes.