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bag seed weed plants

For your first time, I would go with water. Since you do not yet know which plants will be successful and you will thus have a ton of clones, water saves space and requires fewer items (i.e. Rockwool cubes or pots with soil).

When you are on your second grow, one where you are growing a clone of a plant you already know has been successful once, then it makes sense to get Rockwool, rooting gel, and anything else to increase your chances of success. You will have fewer clones to deal with and you will already know that each will turn into a successful female plant. You also want to do everything you can to speed up rooting.

If you’ve got a complex setup where you’re optimizing each aspect of growing (lighting, growth medium, nutrients, water, etc.) to maximize yields, it makes no sense to use bag seed. You’re optimizing everything else for the best possible results, why would you not optimize the seed selection as well.

What Next? Cloning Your Most Successful Plant

So how do you get around that?

And that is a great place to be!

I would make a few changes though.

If they are growing weed with seeds in it, they are obviously not keeping male plants or hermaphrodites always from the female plants. If they can’t be bothered to do that, chances are they are providing their plants less than ideal conditions in every other aspect of the grow as well.

Germinating cannabis seeds doesn’t always go as planned. Some seeds will be duds. Others will be slow and take longer to sprout. But some will pop quickly and grow rapidly.

Pre-flowers can initially be extremely small and hard to identify with the naked eye, but you can use a magnifying glass to get a better look.

Marijuana seeds can be acquired from an array of sources and can vary in quality. For more info on how to buy marijuana seeds, check out our Guide to buying cannabis seeds.

Step 3

If growing outside, some growers prefer to germinate seeds inside because they are delicate in the beginning stages of growth. Indoors, you can give weed seedlings supplemental light to help them along, and then transplant them outside when big enough.

Even if your seed sprouts fast and grows vigorously, it still has roughly a 50/50 chance of being female and producing buds, instead of turning out to be a male.

Also, autoflower plants are small—perfect for closet grows or any small grow, or growing outdoors where you don’t want your neighbors to see what you’re up to.

Germination is the process in which a seed sprouts and begins to grow into a new plant. Also referred to as “popping,” germination is the very first step in starting your weed grow.

Most seeds you find in a zip lock will definitely grow. For plants, seeds are a means of reproduction. They aren’t just for show. Of course, there are sterile or infertile seeds in other crops that have been artificially modified, but not in cannabis. So these seeds grow like any other: they germinate, they sprout, they get bigger, and then you see your bag seeds flowering as any other type of marijuana would.

If the buds HAVE been pollinated, then why the f… they are making me high?!

Are Bag Seeds Worth Growing?

So, if you ask yourself: “Can I grow bag seeds?”, the answer is always ‘yes’. Can bag seeds grow good weed? Well, it’s another question. Read on.

If you have read carefully what we have said above, you’ve already guessed that bag seeds, like any other type of weed seeds, can be really anything (in terms of their genetics). But, for clarity’s sake, let’s answer any specific questions that you might have.

Most female plants can become hermies if you subject them to stress. It all depends on the amount of stress needed before you see male flowers in your female buds. If the buds have been pollinated by a male (see above), they will show more stability. If they have been pollinated by a hermie, watch out because even the least amount of stress can make such plants ‘turn to the dark side’.