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Love great sneakers? This cheeky collaboration between Mandem and streetwear brand Bluntflip fits the bill.

They wouldn’t want runaway flower littering their tabletop. Makes sense they wouldn’t love the sight of wet glass rings, either. These bold coasters are an art-deco solution on both fronts.

A little bit silly but totally biodegradable. Some evenings just call for thinking big thoughts while smoking a corn cob pipe on the porch.

This is a coffee table-sized glossary on all things beautiful and modern and brilliant in the world of weed.

Sound advice for us all. So is: Stay hydrated out there.

Monogram, Jay-Z’s cannabis company, tapped Hype Williams to recreate Slim Aarons’ iconic photographs of mid-century luxury for 2021, and the results are insanely cool. Caliva has the full portfolio of prints.

This little guy is a flame-free way to light up with a rechargeable battery supply—and it beats the hell out of a bodega Bic.

Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains—an indica that has given rise to countless hybrids.

Parent strains: Unknown (likely Nepalese and Thai)

Activities: Relaxing your mind and racing thoughts


Backstory: Dutch Treat is a classic known for its cerebral effects that come on quick and will leave you uplifted and euphoric. Its dense, sticky buds have an intense smell of sweet fruit mixed with pine and eucalyptus trees.

The cannabis version of mixing together all the sodas at 7-Eleven, Miracle Alien Cookies barely survived a laundry accident.

Check out a checklist of our 100 strains list at the end, or download the checklist here and try them all.

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Allegedly, a single cutting of G13 was liberated by a technician and then bred for the masses. Although likely not true, the strain is famous for delivering strong sedating effects like no other.

While the original cut lives up to the reputation that precedes it, the Sour Diesels of today vary greatly. “There’s a lot of faux Sours out there,” explained AJ. “But some of them are actually pretty good. Sometimes someone will give me a call and say, ‘yo, I think this is the original Sour.’ And I’ll get a cut and grow it out. It never is, but it’s still really good. When it comes down to it, there’s no real authentication process, and I can’t go around checking. So, who knows?”

“It’s all about the terpene profile,” says Aaron of DNA Genetics, a weed legend responsible for some of the most famous strains — LA Confidential, Tangie, Holy Grail Kush just to name a few — and sought-after genetics in the world. “Flavonoids, terpenes, aroma, smell, taste. Those are the most important things to me right off the bat.”

The inclusion of OG Kush also brings up the conversation surrounding the yield of a strain and how that plays into it being great. For growers like Aaron of DNA Genetics, it plays a huge role. “I definitely think OG Kush needs to be in there,” he said. “It checks all the boxes like aroma, bud structure, taste, etc. The one thing I would say is that, like LA Confidential, it doesn’t really check off the box in yield. But it’s got everything else.”

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Maui Wowie

In addition to a stellar terpene profile that carries into the smoking experience, a balanced cannabinoid profile is key as well. For Julia Jacobson, CEO of the Mendocino-based, environmentally-conscious brand Aster Farms, potency comes second to a great cannabinoid profile. “For me, it’s really not just about potency,” she said, “it’s about the actual balanced effect that I’m getting. And it’s about having a really deep high, as opposed to that kind of superficial thing that you get when something’s been juiced for potency. For us, it’s looking at the strains that are not only high in THC, but also have a really positive, kind of radiating effect, with terpenes that offer a more complex high.”

As a college student new to New York in the late-2000s, I can personally attest that AJ’s Sour Diesel cut was far and away the most coveted strain, only available to the who’s who of Manhattan weed heads. With a $100 per gram price tag, exceptional high, and aura of influence, it remains one of the best highs and best flowers I’ve ever encountered.

Determining the best strains of all time is like trying to pick the best songs of all time. There’s an endless amount of factors, epic contenders, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to a matter of taste. However, like songs, certain varieties of flower undeniably shine above the rest. These strains, regardless of their current availability, have shaped the modern market and today’s popular products.

Last but not least, we have Super Silver Haze, undoubtedly one of the best sativas of all time with a legendary legacy to match. A cross of skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, it rose to prominence in the late ’90s and was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. Not only does it have a great terpene profile of pepper and citrus, but the high is also extremely energetic, euphoric, and great for getting shit done.

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