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Although moderately difficult to grow, the Bruce Banner Auto strain is well worth the effort. From sky-high THC levels to neck-breaking flowering speed, the Bruce Banner Auto strain is beyond recommended to any cultivator that desires the best autoflower genetics.

The Lowryder Auto seed strain is straightforward to grow and flourishes in just about any condition. After 8-9-weeks of flowering, you’ll find dense buds that are coated in mouth-watering trichomes that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t converted to feminized autoflowering strains sooner.

Come harvest time; cultivators will find abundant flowers that smell and taste like sweet citrus and savory spice. The effects are dazzling and instantly reduce depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Whether you need a medical or recreational cannabis strain, Lowryder Auto seeds are the perfect autoflowering solution for the 2021 growing season.

#4 White LSD Autoflower Seeds

You’ll understand the name Critical Thunder better once you’re on it. The name refers to the powerful high it delivers – it can knock you hard, and the high lasts up to a few hours! For medical marijuana users, enjoy an ease of pain and restful sleep too. Just don’t take too much at once or you’ll start coughing; don’t say we didn’t warn you about its high potency! Get a buzz for the mind and body that you won’t soon forget. This autoflower is one to try to enjoy its awesome effects!

Blue Dream is certainly a dream to growers who want easy-to-grow weed seeds. This cannabis variety grows quickly, in spite of being a sativa-dominant hybrid, and is versatile enough to grow indoors or outdoors. Plus, it tastes amazing with a sweetness and berry flavor that users compare to blueberries. No wonder then that Blue Dream is one of the most popular and best autoflower strains around!

is a sativa dominant strain that was bred to be the autoflowering version of the award-winning Dutch favorite, Haze. Amnesia Haze has won itself a Cannabis Cup and Sativa Cup on its own merits as well. Its flavor notes include earthy hints of citrus and lemon which give off an uplifting, energizing buzz. This is a truly special strain that you won’t soon forget after your first try. In fact, it’s likely to become part of your regular rotation.

From sweet diesel fumes to pine-like bitterness, the Bruce Banner Auto seed strain is ripe with delicious terpenes. The effects of Bruce Banner Auto weed are not to be missed, as it provides ample layers of relaxation, motivation, creativity, and laser-like focus.

The process is simple – peruse out virtual shelves for your preferred strains (every product page is complete with a detailed description to help you make an informed purchase, but we also have support staff standing by to answer any question you may have), add it to your cart and head to checkout. Once your order has been verified and processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

Our expert breeders employ tried and true techniques to enhance your favorite strains with the auto-flowering capabilities of the ruderalis variety – same great weed but with less work. And faster!

You may think that just because a cannabis seed is labeled auto-flowering they’ll take some extra special technique to get them going. But you’d be wrong! The only difference between auto-flowering strains and those that aren’t is the teeny percentage of ruderalis genetics that give them the capability to change from the vegetative stage to the flowering without a change in light patterns.

Why Buy Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds Online

There are so many reasons to grow weed at home as a patient – not only will you have access to powerful pain relief (not to mention a potent sleep aid, proven mood booster, appetite inducer, and more), you’ll also know exactly what you’re getting and where it’s coming from. Invaluable information in this day and age.

Growers of all levels and backgrounds typically find great success with autoflowering marijuana seeds. Generally speaking, these seeds are easier for beginners to work with. They’re less high-maintenance and perform well both indoors and outdoors. Unlike other strains, these seeds are not as picky or sensitive to their surroundings. This allows growers the freedom to pick where they’d like to set up camp and how they’d like to set up their grow room.

What you’d call ditch weed, ruderalis evolved to thrive in the inhospitable conditions native to the mountains regions of areas like Russia, which see near constant daylight year-round. Cannabis is a photoperiod plant and it needs the duration of daylight hours to change in order for it to naturally switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Ruderalis is the little plant that could, and evolved to switch from one stage to the next when the plant reaches a certain point in development. This characteristic has proven invaluable to breeders, who’ve been able to develop potent hybrids that take advantage of the auto-flowering property without taking on any other characteristics of the ruderalis plant.

When you walk into a headshop, you never know what you’re going to get. How long have those seeds been there and can you really trust the vendors this shop is stocking? When you shop for auto-flowering marijuana seeds online with a seed bank like Pacific Seed Bank you’re guaranteed not only a high level of customer service but a wide variety of superior pot strains that have been lab-tested to ensure consistent viability, all in one convenient place.

Choose auto seeds according to flowering time and whether you prefer more indica or more sativa in your plants.

Make a hole in the top big enough to fit both the roots and part of the trunk. When planted, you want 2 inches from the top of the soil to the first set of leaves. Water again once your transplant is complete but only around the edges of the pot.

Pineapple Autoflower

The key is not to overwater. Allow the soil to almost dry between waterings. Cycling wet to dry is a good system for both autoflowering AND photoperiod plants.

Before planting your autoflowering cannabis seeds, you need to germinate them. The best germination method for autos is the same as for photos. Please see our full germination guide above.

We also offer a great selection of Mix Packs available in packs of 9, 15, 30 and 45 seeds. Feel free to revisit us as often as you’d like to to add more marijuana seeds to your collection.