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attitude seed company reviews

Been ordering for Attitude since 2009 or so. Drop a couple grand over the years. Last order land in the USA no issues. Always ordered in breeder pack. Received in freedbie packs with not even the empty breeders packs. Only reason I ordered from the was stock in the US was gone and after watching the attitude’s stock come back, which was a little sketchy anyways after all was gone in the US, I pulled the trigger.
So don’t know. Sure they’ll say it’s bulk sent packs and they just repackage. Which even in the pass that was the case I ALWAYS received breeders packaging. Could be legit or maybe not. Not going put much faith in them. Sprout and see. But Attitudes off the buy from list for me.

Ordered Tuesday night and they were delivered thurs morning. Standard delivery too. I’ll never use anyone else

I proved to them, even by Royal Mails website that Attitude didn’t even send them correctly. but I’m being told I have to take responsibility for their actions because I didn’t pay for insurance. . What.

guest United States, June 2020

Got what i ordered in a reasonable time. I can’t complain.

So my Strawberry Daugpound has turned hermaphrodite in my gro tent. Just 1 plant out of 4 which suggests that it is a genetic flaw not gro conditions. After contacting Nick Tops, owner of Holy Smoke Seeds I have been called stupid and defriended.
Very unprofessional.
Will not buy Holy Smoke Seeds again.

My initial order never arrived, no customs letter. I contacted my local mail service who said to contact the sender. Contacted Attitude and they were not interested in looking for my order.

Rarely get plump, fresh seeds. I think they send the oldest seeds to the USA. I have had many that do not germinate or start to germinate and dont have enough vitality to push their way up out of the dirt. The last order was small and they managed to send the wrong stuff. I am going to start using seedbanks that are right here in the USA.

If, on receipt you are not happy with your items please take the following steps:.

Attitude Seeds can fix a malfunctioning item within the first 3 months (or change it relying on the fault) If the item is in stock we will replace it immediately. If not we will offer a credit note or refund. Shipping will not be charged on replacement/repair of faulty products.

Shipping Charges (UK).
Please account for the following costs when buying: Normally 4.50 per order.
If your parcel has actually not been gotten within 10 working days, please contact us.

Attitude Seeds

Please note:- Attitude Seeds do not accept return for Pick and Mix Seeds.

Please pay the return postage and send out back by documented shipment so you have an evidence of publishing.

The Attitude Seeds Bank are exporters of a few of the finest Marijuana seeds readily available worldwide today. We provide thousands of Cannabis seeds strains for you to pick from, skillfully expanded by the pioneers of the legendary Amsterdam cannabis seed banks. We get from the finest and most sought after breeders all over the world and a substantial choice of the finest Weed Cup winners Attitude Seeds Ship to USA

The assurance is provided in accordance with legal requirements. Any extra assurance statements are contained in the item descriptions.

I got in contact with attitude seedbank about this through email & through my messages attached to my next order witch was another pack of pre-98 bubba to shore up the short fall of 5 plants I had, I needed another package of seeds to germinate. I made it very aware to attitude my disspleasure with spending this much on seeds & having a horrible germination rate, Although they state they do not talk about germination & we all accept that in advance, They spoke about it with me as I am a medical marijuana patient & made this clear to them that I could provide any documents nessisary. They accepted the responsibility & shipped out not 1, But 2 packs of pre-98 bubba each containing not 6 but 8 seeds each.

Hey guys, Medical marijuana patient here. My post will be short & detailed, & informative. Let this save you money people. Listen to what I am about to say.

A few crops ago in soil I ordered some jamacian me crazy from cali connection seeds. Only 3 of them germinated & one ended up going yellow & dying for no reason. Never had that with a sprout in my life, Also received a 12 pack of regular cali connection through their promotion at the time. The germination rate & hermie rate through out their regular pack of seeds was completely awful. I couldnt believe these seeds where being sold professionally.

These packages of seeds arrive, I get to sprouting them to hurry up & shore up our #’s so we can get these plants into their respective systems. Days pass, 0 seeds out of 16 FUCKING SEEDS GERMINATED . Thats right, They sent 2 packs of pre-98 bubba to re-emburse me because of the original pack’s horrible germination rate, Yet the 16 seeds they send me to replace the original 6, 0 out of 16 germinate. How big of a joke is this ? How is cali connection still aloud to vend seeds ? Why is attitude still selling their product ?

So I call in to speak to their manager who turns out to be some russian sounding butch woman that starts screaming at me, Literally screaming & interupting everything I have to say telling me I have accepted the rules & I got what I deserved & I am in shock litterally listening to this woman who is supposed to be manger, Just screaming at me like some type of high school girl.