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10 weeks after ordering from Attitude seed bank I haven’t received what I paid for and they have stolen my money but claim they are not thieves.

Ordered and paid for 2 packs of seeds on the 1st of April. Following the tracking, at 3 weeks it seemed to be stuck in Australia. I proceeded to order another pack so I would still have something to grow, they turned up 3 weeks later.

DORY1974 United Kingdom, October 2020

I have ordered at least five times from these guys. My last order from them was way back in 2013 because of a postal seizure. However, due to the insurance I thankfully purchased, they promptly sent my replacement order. At the risk of exposing a fairly clever masking technique, the exterior of the replacement envelope appeared to be (festively) hand decorated by a 12 yr old bubbly British girl happily sending her American pen-pal an Xmas gift. Anyway, freaked out, of course and after a bit of research, I found out that there, supposedly, was/is a Jamaican(?) group in the USPS Chicago hub that flagged seedbanks from Europe. So, of course, as Murphy dictates, my order was seized. Evidently, this group regularly seized seeds, especially around Xmas time. From what I read, if true, the scam involved taking several seeds from the envelope and turning in a fraction of seeds to appear legit, then they would insert the standard contents seized for illegal..blah blah blah letter to freak people out even more. Or, they were seized legitimately and because of the volume of thousands of semillas coming through the hub, my name/addy was simply added to a database-hopefully never forwarded to a woefully understaffed govt branch. Neither scenario meant anything good for me so I could not take a chance being on anyones radar and, consequently, I stopped buying and started producing. Making my own feminized seeds and cloning was interesting and fun but limiting in my tiny circle of trust. However, with seven years passing and Illinois becoming a recreationally-legal state now I felt comfortable to indulge Attitude again. Their last birthday promotion was also too good to pass up. Well, this time the envelope came postmarked from a different country and, again, had a personal feel to it. And, it was hidden so well that after opening it I thought it was seized again. My old eyes and hasty inspection didnt help. After a short (embarrassing) chat with cs I found them. Finally, and more relevantly, Ive ordered several times before 2013 and never had a seed not germinate. The cs is always relatively prompt, meaning you need to factor the 6hr time difference (in my case). Ive never used anyone else so I cant contrast my experience with other banks but, given the wholly positive experience with them, it doesnt matter.

I proved to them that I was 100% correct and they were at fault and they should refund my money but they won’t, they only want to force seeds on me that I do not want.

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Technically it depends on the state and city you’re in. But for the more part, either cannabis is completely legal (but with limitations), or pot plants and marijuana are illegal, but not much can be done about the little seeds themselves.

Naturally, feminized plants are typically the choice of the beginner who doesn’t have a lot of space or freedom to grow whatever they want.

Attitude Seed advertises itself as the largest online cannabis store, and it is a nice play to mix and match seeds, buy popular brands, and get some handy deals like “UFO discounts,” meaning you get loads of free cannabis seeds if you spend a moderate amount of change.


In order to create the most comprehensive list of marijuana seed banks, we ordered cannabis seeds online from each reviewed company just so we could compare price, shipping, and the overall quality of seeds, at least as far as first impressions go.

We are a team of marijuana/CBD/delta8 researchers who also know a thing or two about growing outdoor marijuana in Oregon, the U.S. Utopia of cannabis!

The shipping guarantee (available only for premium shipping with tracking and insurance) covers the rare event of confiscation but requires photo proof of the undeliverable package. If you’re nervous about your package getting seized, MJ Seeds can offer you a comforting hand and replacement seeds when you need them.

It’s a nice touch, which may justify buying from so far away.

Cookies n Chem is perhaps Greenpoint Seeds’ most famous cannabis strain. Walking around the cannabis forums, this name appeared quite a few times with good reviews. In addition, this Seed Bank has many other powerful THC cannabis strains that you will probably enjoy.

This seed bank has a pretty diverse seed collection from feminized, auto-flowering, , high THC strain, CB strain, newbie growth to the most well known strains. Whether you are a beginner grower or a seasoned grower, you are sure to find something for your crop.

This seed bank also runs a lot of promotions and discounts as a warm-up to the cannabis community’s need to buy seeds. Attitude Seed Bank’s seed price is also cheap, but with the application of these discounts, it is an attractive choice.

#6 Greenpoint Seeds – Best American Seed Banks For The Price

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Greenpoint Seeds is very knowledgeable about cannabis laws in all states and from there they have the best way to ship seeds quickly and securely to the hands of their customers. This seed bank offers discreet packaging that does not publicize any cannabis-related information on customer orders.

Quebec gold feminized seeds, AK47 seeds, Jack Herer feminized, QC black gold marijuana seeds and a few others are the most popular strains of this online seed bank. The general seed quality of Quebec Cannabis Seeds is considered to be quite good and uniform. They also have a high germination rate.

Delivery time may be a little slow as it will take time to ship from the Netherlands to the US. This seed bank also offers discreet packaging, but customers will need to pay an extra fee.