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armageddon weed seeds

This sativa influenced strain has the body of an Indica with the typical Sativa high effects. Armageddon produces big, heavy flowers with lots of crystals and a high THC percentage.

This plant has all the ingredients a grower wishes for in a heavy duty strain. Expect an easy to grow plant with high yields of serious quality buds. This will be the end of the world as you know it.


– only £10.00 for orders below £250

Flowering time: 8 weeks

– only £3.50 for orders up to £25.00

Cannabis Seeds

Outdoor : late October

– FREE if order value exceeds £250.00 GBP

Armageddon produces big, heavy flowers with lots of crystals and a high THC percentage.

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The Armageddon cannabis strain is produced by Homegrown Fantaseeds and creates a long-lived, intense Sativa high. It has a citrusy taste, paired with a woody and cheesy fragrance throughout, to create a gourmet experience. This is a good day-time strain, and in locations where cannabis is used medically, the bud is also good for treating conditions stemming from pain and anxiety.

Armageddon has a strong hit of citrus that goes straight to the head. The fragrance is lemony, oaky, and even has a hint of cheesiness on the inhale. There’s a shot of fruity goodness in this herbal marijuana, and the taste alone will be a conversation piece for a relaxing evening.

An Intense Mental Lift

With medium to high THC levels, Armageddon produces a smooth, long-lasting high. The high is energizing and cerebral, lifting mood and stimulating conversation. It’s a good complement to an evening spent brainstorming with friends. You may experience new insights and come up with innovative ideas. The high will let you down gently, allowing you to transition smoothly into a productive evening.

Armageddon is an easy-to-grow cannabis strain from which you can expect high yields. Flowering time will commence in 8 weeks indoors. Outside, your plants will bud in October. Either way, you will observe tall and dense buds with a heavy and crunchy look. The plant will grow wide and produce plentiful cannabinoids and terpenes.

Armageddon looks like an Indica. It is a short but wide plant with tall, dense buds. It produces plentiful trichomes that result in a heavy, sticky blanket on the buds. These seeds are feminized and easy to plant even for the relatively inexperienced grower. You will have a great experience growing this marijuana and will take away high yields.